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XI Class admission 2019 Circular| BD Top Colleges

XI Class admission 2019 Circular

XI Class admission 2019 Circular: xi class admission gov bd 2019.Application Start: 12 May 2019-Application Deadline: 23 May 2019,Application Fee: 150  Taka,Result: 10th June 2019,Admission Duration: 27 June – 30 June 2019,Class Start: 01 July 2019, classadmission gov bd Admission Circular 2019

HSC college admission 2019- HSC XI Class admission 2019

Admission Fees for college

College under Upazilla: 1000/= , College Under Zilla Sadar – 2000/=, College Under Metropoliton –  3000/= , College Under Dhaka Metropoliton – 5-10/

Education Board will charge

Registration fee – 130/, Sports fee – 30/, Rover fee – 15/, Red-crescent fee – 8/, Science and Technology fee – 7/B.N.C.C – 5/


There Are 2 Way For xi class admission system 2019. 1. SMS 2. Online.

HSC Admission Online Application Start: — May 2018

HSC Admission Online Application End: — May 2018

Holy Cross College Admission Result 2019
Holy Cross College Admission Result 2019

Students appearing for SSC examinations of 2017, 2018 and 2019 will be able to apply for admission. Besides, students of Bangladesh Open University, 2016, 2017 and 2018 can also apply for admission in Eleventh Class. But their age is 22 years.

Online admission
All educational institutions imparted by the Education Board will have to apply for admission in class XI in the 2019-20 academic year or through Teletalk Mabile SMS. Website address for online application:

Second phase is admission to the college
Those admission holders who have not been selected for admission in any educational institution can apply for admission in the second phase from 19th to 20th June. Those who have already applied for the application fee will not have to pay any new fee and they will be able to update their application. Such as: Add or delete new colleges.

Application Fee Information
In case of online application, the applicant will be able to apply for a minimum of 5 (five) and maximum 10 (ten) colleges / equivalent institutions on the basis of application fees, subject to application fee of 150 / – (one hundred fifty). With the help of SMS, for every college / equivalent institution, 120 / – (one hundred and twenty) will be able to apply on an alternative basis to multiple college / equivalent institutions, subject to the application fees. Online and sms In both cases, the maximum 10 (ten) colleges / equivalent institutions can apply. The student’s merit, quotas (in favorable fields) and the orientation of the student as a student will apply to a college, depending on the number of applicants.

xi class admission online result 2019

xi class admission online result 2019. HSC Admission Result 2019 Has been Published. See bellow, All College HSC Admission Result 2019. HSC 1st Merit Result 2019.

Division selection:  

  • Students from the science stream can be admitted to any department.
  • Students from the Humanities branch will be admitted to the Humanities Department as well as the Business
  • Education Department.
  • Business education students can be admitted to the education and humanitarian department of business.

Admission fees policy:

  1. 1,000 / – (one thousand) in municipal area (municipal), 2,000 (two thousand) in municipal (district headquarters), 3,000 in 3 metropolitan areas other than Dhaka. Will not be more than money.
  2.  In the Dhaka Metropolitan area, MPO based educational institutions will not be able to earn additional amount of Tk 5,000 / (five thousand) for student admission.
  3. In the Dhaka Metropolitan area, part of the M.P.O. or the development of M.P.O. and the development of M.P.O. Maximum 9000 / – (nine thousand) taka through Bangla through admission fees, session charges and development fees for the admission of students for salary and allowances for non-teaching teachers. And in the English version a maximum of 10,000 / – (ten thousand) can be accepted. No institution in the development sector can earn more than 3,000 / (three thousand).
  4. Government colleges will collect the necessary fees according to the government circular.
  5. In case of poor, meritorious and disadvantaged students, the concerned educational institutions will take the necessary remedies of the fees as far as possible.

xi class admission migration 2019

  • No student can be issued a class X class admission without the prior approval of the concerned Education Board. Or without the prior approval of the bard, the admission certificate issued by the educational institution can not be admitted. xi class admission migration 2019
  • For the purpose of issuing the certificate or admission of any student / student due to change in the employment of the parents of the government / semi-government, autonomous organization, the parent or mother will not be required to take the berd’s approval. In this case, the transfer order of the transferred officer / employee can be obtained from the organization and the applicant can be admitted to the appropriate work place at the place of work. In this case, the admission of this type of admission to the college / equivalent institution will be submitted in 15 days for admission of necessary docomeents along with the registration paper with the registration fee.
  • | In any case, no educational institution can be established from the concerned institution. Or the equivalent academic transcript of a student who has passed the equivalent examination, can not be transferred to any other person or educational institution other than that student or his guardian or any other excuse the academic transcript of a student can not be held. HSC admission migration 2019

Letters of Board all Education Board:

  • Dhaka Borad = DHA
  • Chittagong Board = CHI
  • Rajshahi Board = RAJ
  • Comilla Board = COM
  • Barisal Board = BAR
  • Sylhet Board = SYL
  • Jessore Board = JES
  • Dinajpur Board = DIN
  • Madrasah Board = MAD
  • Science = SC
  • Business Studies = BS
  • Humanities = HU
  • Home Economics = HE
  • Islamic Studies = IS

Keywords of Version:

Bangla = B, English = E

Keywords of Shift:

  • Morning = M
  • Day = D,
  • Evening = E,
  • If college have No Shift type = N

Quota Keywords:

  • Freedom Fighter Quota = FQ
  • Employee Child of Desired College or Education Ministry = EQ
  • Special Quota = SQ

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