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Work experience required for DV lottery

Work experience required for DV lottery

If you realize that you are not qualified by education, what options do you have? You can qualify if you have two or more years of work experience in a particular profession. This procedure, however, is more difficult, as the decision on your eligibility will depend on the consular officers, and will be based on the evidence you can provide at the interview. Be prepared to imply that you meet the requirements. Read more.

What are the requirements for a green card lottery job?
As we have already mentioned in that it must be 2 years of experience in the last 5 years for a job to meet the criteria described in an open net database. Your job must not be less than 7.0 with a specific Vocational Readiness (SPV) rating in 4 or 5 zones. Typically, a job in this department requires a high level of education or skills. Unfortunately, not all professions meet those criteria.

How to check your work?
You can also get your job at or use the list we have collected at Can. There are jobs only for qualification, so if you can’t find your job on the list, it probably doesn’t qualify.

If you qualify for the job, your next step should be to think about how to prepare for the interview at the US Consulate. You already know that this method is more rigorous and should prove your professional experience. We recommend collecting job offers, employment letters, promotion letters, etc., a description of your daily work duties, a description of any vocational training or education, and if possible an example of your work product.
We hope this information brings some clarity and you can both fill out the lottery form correctly and also prepare for an interview. Don’t forget that you can train the DV lottery form whenever you want at

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