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What is the diversity visa lottery?

What is the diversity visa lottery?
If you’ve ever thought about immigration to the United States, the first thing to do is the Green Card Lottery. Here are some details about DV lottery. What is it and why? Who can participate and what are your chances of winning?

What is it? Dv Lottery , USA Green Card
The first Diversity Visa Lottery was best known as the Green Card Lottery in 1994. The lottery covers the diversity of the immigrant population in the United States, with most applicants being selected with the lowest number of immigrants in the United States for nearly five years.
Currently, the U.S. State Department issues about 55,000 visas each year, and about 2 million people apply for the lottery each year. Despite such popularity, a diverse immigrant visa program is usually the easiest way to get a green card for people of different nationalities.
The chances of winning a green card are higher than the chances of winning one million in the normal lottery. After all, the chances of winning depend on the country of your birth. Here you can find the winning rate of America Green Card Lottery for each country: green-card-lottery

How does it work DV Lottery?
The lottery application is submitted online to the department. Forms are available every year from early November to early November. The exact dates vary from year to year, so you must follow to miss your chance. Official website
Winners are randomly selected by the United States Department of State. But the winner is not guaranteed a permanent visa. Selection only qualifies to apply for a visa. Winning is just the first step on your immigration path. The second is filling out a DS-260 form for a visa. Be careful when filling out the DV lottery form, as you will need to provide the same information on the DS-260 form.
Who can participate in the Green Card Lottery?
Almost everyone can participate in the Diversity Lottery. There are only two main requirements for participants: your country of birth and education level. You also need to provide an accurate picture. You have no special skills or relatives and it will not cost anything.

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