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What is an Immigration Green Card?

What is an Immigration Green Card?
Anyone who is thinking of traveling to America should know about US Green Card. In this article we will discuss how to get a green card, how to accept it and what its benefits are.

What is a green card?
Basically, the Legendary Green Card is an identification document that gives you the status of “permanent residence” and gives U.S. citizens the right to permanently reside and reside abroad as its citizens.

The U.S. Green Card is officially called the “Legal Permanent Resident Card.” The nickname “green card” was given in the past because of its green color. The card has been available in yellow, blue, and pink since 1964, and green only returned in 2010, but the nickname has remained the same since 1946.

Unlike green card holders, nonimmigrant visa holders are dependent on their employment or their location in the United States. You will have the opportunity to have a green card, to choose and change your workplace, or to move anywhere in the United States without limits, such as in the United States. Plus green card holders have the opportunity to apply for citizenship. ‘[

How long is a green card valid?
The green card is valid for life, but it must be renewed every 10 years, like a passport or driver’s license.
There are some situations when you can lose your permanent residence status. A green card will be automatically revoked if the holder leaves the United States for more than 364 days without cause and without consent; Became a U.S. citizen; A crime or violation of immigration law.

How to get a green card?
Here are some ways to get a green card:
Find a job and get an invitation from an employer in the United States;
If you have relatives in the United States, you can get a green card through the Family Reunification Program;
By Green Card Lottery Winner
The first two ways can take years, and thus the easiest way to get a green card is to participate in the Variety Visa (DV) lottery. All you need is luck and

Complete information about the lottery form you can fill out correctly at your F.A.Q: We’ve also created a lottery application emulator (trial version) for you and you can try to fill it out all year round

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