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The new rules have started in the private school-college recruitment program. In the registration examination, the job can be matched with good. The circular has been issued for the examination. The application deadline is 6 June to 10 July. Click here to get the notification

If you want to be a teacher?????????????

There are about 36,000 private low-secondary, secondary, college and madrasa and technical institutions in the country. The candidates’ selection process has been started for the appointment of teachers in these institutions. Applicants are not required to apply for the recruitment. Applying online to the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA)

Private Registry and Certification Authority (NTRCA) is going to register registration in new rules. In the preliminary test, the candidates will have to take written exams in the second leg. In the next step, the candidates who pass written test will be given oral test. There is no job opportunity without registration in any private educational institution (school-college-madrasa) in the country. Registration certificate is now the only criterion for qualification Private teacher registration and certification authority (NTRCA) has recently given the registration exam circular. The application deadline is 10 July. Application fees can be submitted in the next 72 hours. Notice can be found on www.ntrca.gov.bd website and http://bit.ly/2rrqWgY link. The examination syllabus can be found on the NTRC’s website.

EXAM method:
Examination of the BCS is the registration test. NTRC member (joint secretary) Humayun Kabir said, the first 100 preliminary exams will be conducted. The test will be done in MKQ, time one hour. There will be 25 questions from Bangla, English, Math and Common Knowledge in the Preliminary Allocated number 1 for each correct answer, each wrong answer can be cut to 0.50 number. To pass, you will get at least 40 numbers. 100 marks written test will be done on optional candidates. Time is 3 hours. Pass Number 40 in written examination.

Preliminary examinations can be done in 20 districts of the country. The test will be on August 25. The school-level preliminary will start at 10am and the college level exam will be held at 3pm. The school-level written examination will be held on 8th December and the college level test will be held on 9th December. During the examinations between 9 am and 12 pm The oral test schedule will be communicated via SMS. If the pass is completed the teacher registration certificate will meet.


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