visit beautiful places in bangladesh

There are several places in Bangladesh that are the places of choice for many tourists. Find out the names of the places found in the preferred list.

Bandarban: Hill and District Bandarban are the top of the list. There are many places mentioned here. Written by Mittul R Hossain, Nilgiri is one of his favorite places in Bandarban.

visit beautiful places in bangladesh

Many of these hills, rivers, waterfalls and green are some of the favorite hill districts of this district. The main attractions of the tourists are the Nafakhum Jharna. It is located in Thanchi upazila of the district.

It is considered one of the waterfalls of Bangladesh. The Nilchalam tourist center has a If you rise above sea level, then you will go to the country of the clouds when you go up to two thousand feet high. There is also the Bagalak, the gold-temples, and the Keokrudong period which is located in Ruma upazila.

Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach, has many favorites. Not only do the local tourists go here, but foreign tourists are in sight of it. 111km The beach is the choice of many.

Apart from this, there are different islands such as Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpary, St. Martin’s Island (coconut jinzira near many localities), motherbirds, forests, and Buddhist temples.

Sylhet: Some places in Sylhet are in the list of preferred. Sylhet’s Jaflong, Bichankandi, Rataraguli mentioned many places in this place. There is an added attraction on tea gardens. The northeast district has many places to look like.

St. Martin’s: The only place where people want to spend time with the blue water and quiet time is St. Martin’s favorite place. The island’s location between the Bay of Bengal, south-south of Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar district.

It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Locally known as Coconça coconut, many were known at one time as the Cinnamon Island.

This small island of water in the middle of the middle and eight square kilometers in the middle of it can be used to walk on foot in one day.

Khagrachari: Khagrachari, another district in the hill of Bangladesh. This place has a list of tourist favorites. Many people visit the rivers, hills, rubber gardens, the Altoil tunnel, the Ricacha Fountain, here.

Besides, Ramsagar of Dinajpur, Lal Shapla Bill of Barisal, Comilla Kotbari, Mahasthangarh, Bogra, Rangamati. Someone mentioned the Sundarbans.

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