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Village Development Agency (Grouse) Job circular 2019

Field Officer
Village Development Agency (Grouse)
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Job Context
Village Development Organization (GROUS) has been working in various unions since the beginning of the 20th (NGO) for establishing women’s empowerment through socio-economic development, training (based on agriculture and work) in Muktacacha Upazila. To ensure the empowerment of women in Muktacacha Upazila, a number of field workers will be appointed on an urgent basis to work in capital formation.
There is accommodation for remote candidates.
Job responsibilities
Each day’s work must be completed each day as per the manager’s instructions.
Must act according to the rules of the organization.
Must have your own bicycle.
Job type
Full time

Village Development Agency (Grouse) Job circular 2019

educational qualification
H, S, C, side.
Bd: Students with more than three years of work experience in NG can also apply if they have educational qualification.
Minimum 2 years
Job Requirements
Ages 25 to 3 years
Must have at least two years work experience in an NGO. No need to apply to others.
Must have your own bicycle.

The first six months will be counted as the apprenticeship period, after six months the assigned work of the organization will be counted as permanent staff, if it is considered satisfactory to the authorities. Salary as Rs. 1 / – and Rs. 5 / – as permanent staff will be paid.
Company Opportunity Benefits
Every year there are benefits like increments, festival bonuses, etc.
Read before applying
The workplace of the finally elected candidates will be Muktagacha, Mymensingh.
Applicant must send photo with biography
Ways to get a resume

Deadline to apply: September 9, 20
Company Information
Village Development Agency (Grouse)
Address: Battalabazar, Gaispur, Dulla, Muktagacha, Mymensingh.

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