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USA Work Visa and its types

GN wants to apply for a job in the United States, requiring a USA work visa.

Work visa type:

Lots of work visas are available for those living abroad who want to work in the United States. These include seasonal work visas, temporary work visas and exchange worker visas. Below you will find more information on work visa types as well as their requirements and qualifications as well as information on how you can apply for a work visa in the United States.

Exchange Visitor Visa: US Exchange Visa (Non-Immigrant) is only for those who are authorized to work and study based on a study-based Exchange Visitor Program. This visa is called a J-1 visa and it allows foreigners to travel to the United States and experience living in the United States. These US work visas are for different categories of workers, including:
Camp counselor
Professors and research scholars
Alien Physician
Official visitors
Short-term scholars
International visitors
O Pears
Students, universities
Summer work trip
To apply for this US Work Visa you must first apply and meet all the requirements accepted for the Exchange Visitor Program.

Temporary Work Visa (Non-Agricultural): In the United States, this work visa (non-agricultural and temporary) is available to foreign workers who work in agriculture and now want to work in the United States. However, he must have enough domestic workers to fill this position. This visa is also called (H-2B). These visas are for jobs that are temporary, but not agricultural, such as jobs at beach resorts, ski resorts or amusement parks.
The visa requirements are:

– The job they are applying for is temporary in nature, even if the job is not temporary.

– By hiring H-2B employees, it will not have a negative impact on normal working conditions such as the salaries of domestic workers working in the same field.

– The organization for which foreign workers are applying to work is certified by the United States Department of Labor.

Temporary Work Visa (Skilled Worker): This visa is for skilled and educated people who are employed in specialized companies. These visas are called H1-B visas which allow foreign workers to work temporarily in the United States for a specific employer on the basis of a U.S. work visa. Holders of these visas can stay in the United States for three years, but can be extended for a maximum of six years. The only requirement during the stay is for the person to continue working on behalf of the sponsoring employee.
Green Card: One can become a permanent resident of the United States (a green card holder) through a job offer. Green card holders are permanent residents of the United States.
Green Card Lottery:

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