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us green card by investment-citizenship by investment

us green card by investment

Many want to move to the United States. Applying under the U.S. Immigrant Investment Program is one of the easiest ways to live in the U.S. legally and get your dream green card. If you want to stay in the United States with your family and dream of doing business in the U.S. economy, you can stay in the country as a permanent resident under the U.S. Immigrant Investment Program to fulfill your dream.

The Immigrant Investor Visa Program, or EB-5 Visa, was passed by Congress in 1990 to create jobs in the United States and boost the US economy by foreign investors.If a person wants to stay permanently in the United States, he can qualify to stay in the United States by investing about  500,000 by investing or taking a commercial initiative. Under the EB-5 program, the investor can bring the green card holder spouse and children under the age of 21 to the United States within 6 months.

How To Get us green card by investment?

However, to get this green card, the applicant must legally invest 500,000 in the United States. Anyone applying for an investor visa can get a green card in less than 6 months.Investors will not need any prior management experience. All they have to do is invest the  500,000 they’ve earned. Within 15 days of applying, the investor will know if he has been nominated. Applicants can apply for US citizenship 5 years after receiving the green card.

usa immigrant visa

To apply under this visa program, the candidate must apply with a skilled and experienced lawyer in the relevant field. Needless to say, whoever has the ability to invest so much money in another country, he will undoubtedly seek refuge in a good lawyer and legal institution so that he can succeed by applying in the right way.Obtaining a visa in this category is relatively difficult, so it would not be wise to apply for this visa without the assistance of a senior attorney. Because if you apply in the right way and without following the right legal process, the possibility of getting a visa will be closed forever.


citizenship by investment

Urgent advice on e EB-5  visa:

One. There are 10,000 EB-5 visas for skilled candidates every year. This visa is given to 3,000 people who invest.

Two. An EB-5 visa requires an investment of at least  1 million,  1 million. In some cases, the minimum investment is লাখ 500,000.

Three. Typically, this process takes less than a year to complete.

Four. An individual can also apply for an EB-5 visa through his or her parents or other relatives.

Five. The answer to the question of who can get eBifive visa is that anyone who can demonstrate the ability to invest the required amount in the American economy, his spouse and children under the age of 21 can also apply.

Six. As an investor you do not need prior business experience. Initially the EB-5 green card is conditionally granted for two years. Candidates / investors must prove business ability in the United States within these two years. The investor must show that he has hired a sufficient number of workers / employees and is capable of hiring. If you do not prove this within two years, the green card will be temporarily revoked.

Seven. The US Immigration and Citizen Services (USCIS) reserves the right to immediately reject an application containing incorrect and false information. Only an application through an experienced attorney can bring success in this case. In the case of attorney selection, you need to be very careful about which attorney you go to. In many cases, under the wrong direction of an unprofessional attorney / lawyer, your chances of applying and getting a green card may be completely cut off.

Eight. The Immigration Service will look at the source of your investment on the spot. So you must invest money legally and present accurate and truthful information evidence regarding the investment.

NINE. You must prove that your business has at least ten full-time employees, 35 hours a week, and that your business is making a positive contribution to the United States economy.

Ten. The investor’s family i.e. spouse or children cannot be included in these ten employees. However, other relatives of the family can be appointed as employees. These ten employees do not have to be U.S. citizens. However, they must have a minimum one-year renewable nonimmigrant visa and be allowed to work in the United States despite being a citizen of another country.

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