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United Arab Emirates Golden Visa-UAE Golden Visa

United Arab Emirates Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates has increased the number of ten-year resident visas (golden visas) issued. The list of occupations that can get this visa has also been extended. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, announced on Sunday that people of ten professions would be eligible for a ten-year golden visa. News of Khaleej Times.

UAE Golden Visa

You can live with your wife and children on a Golden Visa. However, all categories of people who get a Golden Visa must have a valid employment contract in a specialized field.

The professions that allow people to apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE are:

1. Ph.D. degree holders: Emirates will issue golden visas to PhD degree holders. However, the condition is to get a Ph.D. degree from any one of the top 500 universities in the world.

2. Physicians: The UAE will also issue resident visas to doctors for ten years. This will help the country deal with the epidemic and fill the shortage of medical professionals. Experts in viral epidemiology will be rewarded with golden visas, Sheikh Mohammad said.

3. Engineers: Engineers in the fields of computer, electronics, programming, electronics, active technology, AI and big data will get UAE Golden Visa to attract talented people.

4. Highly Qualified Persons: The UAE will issue ten year golden visas to highly qualified persons. For such an application, you have to get 3.6 or more points from the approved universities.

5. Researcher or Scientist: Golden visas will be issued to researchers and scientists who specialize in their respective fields.

UAE Golden Visa Requirements Ι Benefits Ι policy

Scientists must be approved by the Mohammed bin Rashid Medalists for the UAE Scientific Council or Scientific Excellence.

UAE Golden Visa
UAE Golden Visa

United Arab Emirates visa

6. Inventor: Emirates will also give Golden Visa to inventors. But their inventions must have the patent value that could have an impact on the UAE economy. The patents must be approved by the UAE Ministry of Finance.

7. Artist: The UAE will issue golden visas to creative people in the field of culture and art. Creative people in culture and industry must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

8. Investors: Those who have invested 10 million dirhams (about 23 crore rupees) in the UAE can also apply for a Golden Visa. However, it must be in the form of a deposit in an investment fund, the establishment of a company, or an investment in real estate, or any other strategic sector. Golden visas have been issued to a number of Indian, Pakistani, and Arab investors under this scheme.

In addition, the UAE will issue visas to people for 5 years

1. Entrepreneurs: This visa is given to entrepreneurs who have existing projects and have a minimum capital of 5 lakh dirhams. Also, those who have permission to do business in the UAE. Entrepreneurs are initially given a six-month multi-entry visa and later renewable for another six months. Long-term visas include a wife, children, a partner, and three executives.

2. Meritorious Students: The UAE will issue 5-year visas to students of government or private secondary schools in the UAE or abroad. For this, they have to get 95 percent marks in the academic examination. In addition, university students must get at least a 3.75. Students with families will be given visas.

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