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Ukraine parliament News

This stringent law has been passed in the special session of the country’s parliamentUkraine has introduced legislation to break the sexual ability of child rapists in chemical process through injection. If convicted of rape and child abuse, 18-year-old male penalties will be enforced under this Act.According to the Ukrainian news agency, the British Media Mail OnlineIn 2010, 320 children were victims of rape in Ukraine. But it is believed that in reality there are thousands of incidents of sexually assaulted children.The country’s national police chief Vieščeslav abroksin said that in only 24 hours, five children were raped in four areas. The guardians filed a complaint with the police about this. But the exact number of victims of sexually assaulting children across the country is that we can imagine

The stringent law against sexual violence against the child has been passed in the special session of the country’s parliament. Radical party leader Oleg Lieshko proposed the punishment. He said that Ukraine’s law does not allow for life imprisonment for children or for the death penalty. After being released from prison the rapists return to their old form.

Under this new law, a government branch will be set up to enroll the prisoners of Ukraine as a rape victim in Ukraine. This branch will keep these criminals under watch after leaving the prison.Besides, the maximum punishment of rape has been increased from 12 to 15 years.The punishment of raping rapistsin the former Soviet state Kazakhstan also prevails.

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