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UK Visa Process

For international students, the UK is currently the most popular destination in the world. The UK higher education system plays an important role in enhancing the skills of students in various sectors. There are 130 registered higher education institutions in the UK. Of which, there are 105 local universities, 20 international universities and 5 university colleges.

Why study in the UK?
The United Kingdom is the most popular city in the world for international students. The United Kingdom attracts millions of students each year from over 200 countries.
Higher education can be obtained from almost every university and university college in the UK.
The United Kingdom has the world’s most widely read library, the British Library. Where there are about 150 million books.
Almost every university in the UK has groundbreaking inventors who have invented all the amazing technologies like penicillin, fingerprint, DNA.
Graduates from any university in the UK are offered high-paying jobs.
There is no shortage of part-time work as well as studying in the UK. So you can earn a good quality income besides studying.
You can read by choosing from thousands of subjects and courses.

Which type of visa to choose?
Student visas are common in the UK to build a career by studying in the UK. There are basically three types of student visas in the UK. From these three types of visas, you need to choose the visa you need and apply for it.

Tier Four (General Student Visa)
A student of any age above 18 years of age can apply for this type of visa. Must apply three months before class starts. Any course lasting less than six months must arrive in the UK one week in advance and any course lasting more than six months must arrive in the UK one month in advance.

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Tier Four (Child Student Vis)
A student between the ages of 4 and 18 will apply for this type of visa. The student must be accepted through a legitimate sponsor from any university or university college in the UK. In case of any course lasting less than three months after application, you have to reach UK one week in advance and in case of any course lasting more than three months, you have to reach UK one month in advance.

Short term study visa
A student of any age will apply for such a visa. The duration of such courses can be a maximum of 1 year. Arrive depending on the day of the trip. For more information on visas, visit the UK Government website.

How to apply for a visa?
If you are only a citizen of Bangladesh, you can apply for a visa from the UK government website.

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When applying, attach a scanned copy of travel experience and supporting documents to different countries. If you have applied for a visa with your family, their information must also be added.

You should apply for a visa at least three months before the start of your university class. However, the application date will start from the day you pay the application fee. You may then be called for an interview by an immigration officer at the UK Visa Application Center. There you will receive a certificate of proficiency in various subjects.

After applying for a visa, contact the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI). There they will take your fingerprints and photos to complete the visa application. This process is called ‘biometric information’. This process has to be completed for any type of visa.

You need to attach a certificate of proficiency in English with the visa application. In other words, you have to pass any English language test by getting a certain amount of points. Remember, separate English language proficiency certificates must be created for UKVI and the sponsor (your university).

The visa application fee must be submitted as soon as possible after applying for a visa. The process of depositing this fee will also be done completely online. In this case you have to pay this fee by credit or debit card. There are currently many types of travel agencies and visa application centers through which this can be done. Fees for any type of visa range from 320 to ৭ 380.

You will be given a reference number after submitting the visa application fee. Which will be started by GWF. Save it, it may come in handy later in UKVI.

What to do after applying for a visa?
Abe for a UK student visa

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