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When the tunnel comes to the ear, the first thing that comes to mind is the passing of dark roads surrounded by concrete walls on both sides of the car and on the train by cars or trains. The tunnel is a thrill, a different experience. Thriller or horror movies have many myths with tunnels. While passing the tunnel on the train, I realized how excited it was to work in 103 tunnels crossed the Kalka station from India to Shimla route.

On the way to Shimla to Manali, a large long road-tunnel fell on the way. We were surprised by the driver, we were surprised to see one of the long tunnels in India. Lots of romantic people are interested in the tunnels. Today I will tell stories about one of my favorite topics. This is the story of the longest tunnel in the world. Let’s get started.

1. Gothard Beige Tunnel, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Gothard Beige Tunnel has named the world’s longest and deepest tunnel. It took 17 years for the construction of the tunnel, about 57 kilometers long, and cost about 12 billion US dollars. The tunnel was opened on 11 December 2016 for all general rail travel. Interestingly today, on December 11, the two years of opening the tunnel are completed today.

The comparison of this sub tunnel below the surface of approximately 2,300 meters (7,545 feet) is only with its own. The tunnel has gone to Zurich, Switzerland and Milan, Italy. The tunnel spreading from the city of Erstfeld to the southern city of Bodo, in the north, is the speed of the bullet train at a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. It means that the train is only 20 minutes to travel 57 kilometers.

2. Channel Tunnel, England-Europe

Shortly after the Sacken Tunnel of Japan, the world’s longest railway tunnel is the Channel Tunnel which connects England with continental Europe through the railway. Although it is the world’s longest railway tunnel, it is the world’s tallest tunnel that has gone under the sea. This issue is not new in the world of modern technology because French engineer Albert Matthew proposed to tunnel under the English Channel in 1802, where there was an intermediate archipelago.

The modern version of the proposal is today’s Channel Tunnel Tunnel expert and engineer Matt Sykes said, “This tunnel is what we mean by the mega project.” The 50 kilometer long tunnel has changed the geography of Europe, and has reduced the number of flights to England and Europe.

3. Lairdal Tunnel, Norway

Known as the longest road tunnel in the world, the Norwegian Lairdal Tunnel The tunnel costs around 153 million US dollars and the length of the tunnel is about 24.5 kilometers. How much does it cost to calculate the meter per tunnel? The estimation of the figure stands at just 6,250 US dollars, which is about 5 lakh taka. What a surprise? Thinking that maybe all the money was smuggled under the table?

Not only that, the tunnel road has been built using the latest technology where all the passengers and drivers have all the facilities and their mental balance, while driving, the highest attention. This tunnel has been built in such a way that it does not suffer from clustrophobia and fatigue when passing through a passenger. During the tunnel, every six kilometers will be a cave after which the beauty of the tunnel has increased and its multiplication has multiplied.

4. Tokyo Bay Xua-Line, Tokyo

Seeing the Tokyo Bay XQ-LINE tunnel, the first mistake that everyone makes is to think of it as a bridge because of the 4.4 km radius built on the sea. But seeing it well, it can be seen that about 9.6 kilometers is located under the sea. The Eku-line tunnel that connects one of the two important cities of Japan to Kawasaki and Kisaraju. It takes time to go to Kaisaraju from Kawasaki where it takes 15 minutes to go ninety minutes.

“It was necessary to build the tunnel,” said tunnel expert Sykes, “the world’s largest undercurrent bowing machine”. This tunnel was stuck for some time in the Tahkow-Pacific earthquake that took place in 2011. The 14-kilometer long tunnel is located on the man-made island, its name is Umi-Hotaro, which is itself a sightseeing point from which the scenic views of Tokyo Bay are the best.

5. Isenhower Tunnel, Colorado

Among the tallest tunnels in the world, the famous Isenahwar tunnel in Colorado, situated in the famous Colorado area, sits at a height of 11,158 feet above sea level. It is the highest highway in the American inter-provincial highway system. But the story behind this tunnel is more important than the length or height. When the tunnel was started in 1972, a women worker named Janet Bonema was appointed to the mine there.

In those days, working of women in mines was considered as a bad sign and the duty engineer did not think that the girl here would be working. He took the name of Janet as James. After knowing his mistake, again gave Janet the complete freedom to work at his own workplace. This was an important point in the rise of feminism in American history, and it has already passed the Equal Rights Act in America.

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