Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles

We have reviewed the top luxury hotels in Los Angeles to help you choose the best place for your stay. If you are planning on visiting Los Angeles, it’s important to have high-quality accommodation, so that you can spend time exploring the sights and sounds of the city and not having to worry about where you are going to sleep that night. We have broken down the list into different hotel categories, so that you can get an idea of what type of luxury hotel is most suited to your needs. We hope you enjoy our guide!


1) Loews Regency
The grand dame of luxury hotels, Loews Regency is a historic gem in Downtown LA. The hotel boasts a spa, nightclub, and Michelin-starred restaurant. Rooms start at $299 per night and have been known to go as high as $6,000 for peak dates. Located on Santa Monica Boulevard just steps from Rodeo Drive, Loews Regency offers guests a plethora of shopping options without having to stray too far from their rooms.

Written by mdkms1995

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