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This doctor, who is looking for 16 hours a day for only five Takavisit this doctor

If only someone went down to Kalna station for 16 hours, only five rupees. I would go to the doctor Babu’s guest, to his house. Anyone who has hundreds of jobs will help you. Even rickshaw drivers do not want to rent. He was meeting God for somebody, and some people called ‘Baba’ for five rupees as well. Gourang Goswami He lives in Kolkata Kalna. He sees at least 200 patients every day for five visits. Alongside, he is an activist of left-wing politics. But due to political, religious or any classical divide, no one has returned to any patient. This is a rare character!

Gourang’s patient starts from 10am. He took one-and-a-half hour rest and took five to five in the afternoon, taking the patient-stethoscope-prescription. Many times, once again, one hour of rest, and around 1pm, the crowd gathered around him. Gauranga did not get much time to relax He said, “There was no emergency call at the time of Bishram, so I can not sit still silent. Get out of the patient. “That is why he can see the patient for 16 hours a day.

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This doctor, who is looking for 16 hours a day for only five Taka visit this doctor

Gaurang Goswami MBBS Pass from Calcutta Medical College in 1978. After admission to the reading of ‘MS’ but could not finish the study. But get jobs in a North Bengal government health center. Still he returned to Kalna. From there start. The Chamber made its own home. He started seeing patients on 5th payday.

Gouranga looked at the patient while riding his own motorbike while sitting in the rest. He said that seeing the patient till one night does not mean that after the patient will not see. My house door is always open for patients. He has to take treatment of 200 to 250 patients daily. But the money that gets the money, the family runs? In the north, Gouranga said, the lifestyle that I used to get, does not cost more than that. Moreover, this should be the life of a communist. I do not need to earn more than I need.

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