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The United States will issue merit-based visas

The United States will issue merit-based visas

Washington: US President Donald Trump calls for ‘reform’ of H-1B visa system! Not only that, this time Trump has instructed his administration to move towards merit-based immigration in the field of visas, White House officials said. The White House said in a statement after Trump announced the suspension of H-1B and other work visas by the end of this year that the government’s new goal was to move toward a “merit-based immigration system.” The Trump administration is reported to be reforming the immigration system to give priority to the most skilled workers and to secure jobs for Americans.

Under the reform, the highest priority will be given to those workers on H-1B visas who are offered the highest salaries and who are the most skilled, the White House said.

The United States will issue merit-based visas

The House also said the Trump administration would address those shortcomings before allowing low-cost foreign workers to be replaced by American workers. The White House said the change would help protect American workers’ wages and ensure that foreign workers entering our country are more efficient and that the United States does not reduce the labor market.

“One of the more permanent steps he is directing us to take is to reform the H-1B system to move towards a more competent, merit-based system.” You know that the president has always talked about being the best and brightest, and you have talked about protecting the jobs of Americans. So, this reform will do those two things, ”a senior administration official told reporters.

Noting that there is a limit of 75,000 H-1B visas per year, the official said that 225,000 applications were received for this visa last year.

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“So far this year, these visas have been distributed through lottery … The President has instructed us to get out of the lottery and prioritize pay scales in that place – so only applicants with the top 75,000 salary offers out of 225,000 will get visas. The official said.

The White House said in a statement that the decision was made “to find out if any immigrant workers from other countries will displace American workers and to secure American jobs for Americans.”

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