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processof-getting USA green card(DV Lottery)

The small rectangular plastic card we call a greencard has a flattering name. That is ‘Form I-551’ or permanent housing card. This green card of dreams is the first step to becoming an American citizen through naturalization. This green card can be obtained in a number of ways — through family members, through employment, through investment, through refugee or asylum applications. In addition, there are some other mediums. Green cards are available in eight different categories only through family members. These are: USA green card(DV Lottery)

USA green card

1. If you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen, or an unmarried child under the age of 21, or a parent of an older U.S. citizen, you may receive a green card as an immediate relative of that U.S. citizen. In these cases, the visa number is immediately available.
2. You can get a green card even if you are an unmarried child of a U.S. citizen over the age of 21 or a married child of any age and a sibling of a U.S. citizen over the age of 21. However, it is not as close to the US citizen. In this case, a certain number of immigrants are given the opportunity every year. So you have to wait to get the visa number.
3. If you are a legal permanent immigrant or a spouse of a green card holder or an unmarried child under the age of 21 or an unmarried child over the age of, you can also get a green card as a family member of the green card holder. In this case, since a certain number of immigrants are given the opportunity each year, they have to wait to get a visa number.

In this article, we will discuss the green card of the spouse of a US citizen residing outside the United States among these eight types of green cards. If you are a U.S. citizen and your spouse is out of the U.S., for a green card: (a) Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative (ii) Both spouses Form I-130 CV (iii) USDHS 535 Copy of Dollar Check or Money Order (iv) Copy of Marriage Certificate and if any of you have a previous marriage, Certificate of Divorce or Death if applicable

(v) Two copies of both on white background Passport Size Photo / Birth certificate / Copy of non-expired US passport along with additional proof (vii) Mutual property / Bank account documents (viii) Required by one or two persons who know the birth certificate and (ix) purpose and current status of marriage if having children Affidavit with all information must be submitted. To fill up Form I-130 and Form I-130, apart from the above mentioned documents, both parents will need date of birth and place of birth, address and date of residence for five years and social security number of the applicant.

(B) Upon receipt of your application, you will first be informed of receipt and then of approval by I-698C, Notice of Action. Your spouse will be sent to the country’s consulate office for further processing. Within one year after receiving this notice another letter will be sent mentioning the NVC case number and invoice ID number instructing to complete the following activities in the following six steps.
I. Recruitment of Agent: By filling up Form DS-271, Choice of Address and Agent and submitting it to the Consular Electronic Application Center, the applicant can be his / her spouse’s agent so that all communication with him / her from National Visa Center is done.
II. You will need to pay two processing fees at the Immigration Visa Invoice Payment Center, specifying the checking account number and routing number of any American bank. The immigration visa application processing fee is 120. Affidavit of support fee 325

III. After paying the fee, you have to fill up Form DS-270, Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration and submit it to the Consular Electronic Application Center. While filling up this form, you will need detailed passport information other than the above mentioned documents, year of death in case of death of parents, details of education in all the post-secondary educational institutions of the applicant’s spouse.

IV. At this stage you need to collect financial documents. Anyone who has filed income tax in the last year of the average annual income in excess of a certain amount as per the household size mentioned in the ‘Form I-64P, 2018 HHS Poverty Guideline for Affidavit of Support’, the applicant himself or anyone else ‘Form I-74, Fill in the ‘Affidavit of Support’. Basically this work is called sponsoring. Sponsor’s last three years IRS transcript, all copies of income tax filing including three years Form UW-2 or Form 1099, job letter or contemporary six month pay stub, relationship letter, citizenship certificate / birth certificate / unexpired US passport / green card Must be submitted with this form. Remember, if the sponsor is someone other than the applicant and has filed joint tax with the income of his / her spouse or any other household member, then fill up Form I-74A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member through that spouse or household member. Have to. When filling out Form I-64 and Form I-74, the sponsor and his / her spouse’s birthplace, the number of people who still have a green card, the number of previous sponsors, the balance of all savings and checking accounts, the mortgage on any real estate property.


(C) You and your spouse will be notified one month before the scheduled date for the visa interview. All documents from the National Visa Center will be sent to the Consulate Office. There are two things to do as part of the preparation for the interview.
(1) Original copies of all previously submitted photocopies must be collected for interview;
(2) At least two weeks before the interview, an appointment must be made with the approved physician for the health examination. During the examination of the doctor, the applicant has to take his passport and four copies of photographs with him. Applicants over the age of 15 will have to pay a fee of Rs 3,450.

(D) Appointment letter, passport, two copies of color photograph, health examination report, original copy of all documents should be present at the consulate office on the scheduled day for interview. At the end of the interview, the visa officer will inform you of his decision not to issue the visa. Then you need to create a profile online. Passports and other documents need to be collected from the pickup location chosen while creating the profile. In addition to the visa sticker affixed to the passport, an immigration packet will be provided which must be submitted during immigration at a U.S. airport with the mouth closed. Must enter the United States within six months of issuing the visa.

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Then you have to pay a fee of 220 US dollars for a green card or USCIS immigrant.
Green card will not be issued if this fee is not paid. If the age of marriage is less than two years on the day of issuance of the green card, a conditional green card will be issued for the next two years. To remove that condition, you must complete and submit a Form I-751, Permit to Remove the Conditions of Residence, with a fee of  590, 90 days before the green card expires. This includes two children who have been aware of the marital relationship since the birth of the child, the house rental agreement where the husband and wife are named, the joint savings and checking account, the joint income tax filing, the joint gas-water-electricity bill and the conditional green card. Affidavit must be submitted.

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