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The legal way to go to Canada

If you want to move to Canada, you can prepare now. Because the country wants to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years. Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world for living, working or studying.
While the United States is tightening its immigration policy, Canada is gaining popularity for its liberal immigration policy. For this reason, citizens of different countries, including the United States, are moving to Canada. There are many ways to go to Canada legally without going illegally. This event is also organized with different opportunities for Bangladeshis to go to Canada legally.

Business can go to Canada:
If you want to do business in Canada, it is easy for you to go. However, if you do not want to do business yourself, you can go even if you have a contract with a Canadian business. For this visa (NAFTA) you have to submit ‘Labor Market Impact Assessment’ (LMIA). However, only Chilean, Jordanian, Peru, Colombia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Island, Norway, Israel and Panama are eligible.

You can go to Canada for work:
If you are not a citizen of the above countries you can go to Canada for employment. For this you need to provide a job offer letter and the necessary documents to a Canadian company. Special visa facilities are available in Canada for skilled workers. Canada employs this manpower in 347 professions. Notable among these are hair stylists, hairdressers and administrative assistants.

Marries a Canadian citizen:
The easiest and surest way to become a native of Canada is to marry a Canadian citizen. If she wants to get married and stay in Canada, she has to wait at least two years. These two years he was monitored by government authorities. However, if dishonesty is resorted to in this case, then one has to face severe punishment.

New business:
Canada issues visas to entrepreneurs. If you think you have the cash with which you can do business in Canada, you may be granted a visa. There are specific guidelines on how much capital you need or how much money you need to invest to start a new business. You must apply following the guidelines.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 can travel to Canada without a job offer letter under International Experience Canada (IEC). However, this benefit applies to citizens of several countries. Countries are: Australia, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom Chile, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Study Visa:
You can easily go to Canada to study. However, for this you need to complete the admission process in any Canadian institution beforehand. You will also be able to do a variety of part-time jobs.

Travel Visa:
Getting a travel visa is a little difficult! In this case, ask the visa applicant why you want to go. If the embassy official interviewing you thinks that your visa has expired but you are in danger of not returning, you will not be issued a visa.

Economic program:
The Government of Canada will take a total of 1 lakh 91 thousand 600 immigrants to the economic program in the next one year. The economic program includes 61,400 people in the Federal High Skilled Program, 2,000 people in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, 14,000 people in the Fair Giver Program, 600 people in the Federal Business Program, and 100 people in the Provincial Nominee Program. 32,500 people in the program.

Family program:
In the next one year, 6,500 people will be taken under the family program. The Family Program includes 7,000 in the Spouse, Partner and Children program, 20,500 in the Parents and Grandparents program, 45,630 in the Refugee and Protected Person program, and 4,250 in the Humanitarian program.

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