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The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

We all like to go to restaurants. In your spare time, it is a great pleasure to sit in a restaurant with your loved one and talk a little, try new things. And the time is very good. There are many restaurants that have spent crores of rupees just for serving and decorating. And there are food samples! There are so many restaurants scattered all over the world that everyone is admiring and at the top of the discussion just to serve food in their pleasant environment. And so people are going to spend millions of rupees to eat in those restaurants.

ছবি সহ বিস্তারিত জানতে নিচের দিকে স্ক্রল করুন 

The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

1. Hardrock sublimation

Hardrock Sublimation on the Spanish island of Ibiza is well known as the most expensive restaurant in the world. The restaurant was built in 2014. The hotel has only 12 seats where 12 people can sit and eat together. This restaurant costs at least 2 thousand dollars per person to eat at one time!

2. Wasernagrat Gustad

Eagle Ski Club ‘Wassernagrat Gustad’ is a restaurant in Switzerland. The restaurant is located at the foot of the hill. The beautiful environment on all four sides fascinates everyone.

3. El Titro

Located in Macau, El Titro is one of the most talked-about and expensive restaurants in Southeast Asia. More emphasis is placed on East Italian food. The panoramic view of the lake next door adds a different flavor to the food.

4. French laundry

The restaurant serves French food to its customers to keep the name meaningful. The chef of this restaurant is world famous chef Thomas Keller.

5. Itha Andersey Restaurant

Etha Andersi Restaurant is located 5 meters below the seafloor in the Maldives. The local meaning of the word itha is mother of pearl. It is the first underwater restaurant in the world.

6.El Bully

El Bulli Restaurant is located in Costa Brava, Spain. El Bulli is number 6 in the top 10 most expensive restaurants. Sometimes the restaurant was closed for some time. It has been re-launched since 2014.

7.Solo Par Dew

Restaurant means row upon row of chairs and tables. Italy’s Solo Par Dew has won the title of one of the most expensive restaurants in the world with only two-seater decorations. It is the smallest restaurant in the world. Only two can sit here. However, it costs ৫ 500 to 600 per person to eat here.

8. Aragawa

Aragawa is one of the most expensive restaurants in Asia. Located in Tokyo, this restaurant is the best restaurant in Japan. Its specialty is beef. Such beautiful meat is not cooked anywhere else. It costs ৫ 550 to ৬ 650 per person to eat beef here. Even after that the demand is huge. There is a game of chandelier and darkness.

9. Sushi Kazi Restaurant

Sushi Kazi is a popular restaurant in Toronto, Canada. Here mainly Japanese food sushi is served. The fish in this restaurant comes from Tokyo. Apart from fish, all other ingredients come from Tokyo. The main purpose of this restaurant is to introduce everyone to Japanese food. This restaurant is in great demand. And its price list is also very high.

10. El Cellar de Can Roca

El Cellar de Can Roca, a restaurant in Girona, Spain. It is one of the best restaurants in the world. This restaurant is so popular that it will take 11 months in a row to sit at a table here. However, if you keep an eye online, you will see cross marks in two-one seats. If there is good luck there is a possibility to get on the waiting list. According to diners, the restaurant’s Surf and Turf of Sardines, Pork Joel with Sardine-Sister Broth, Pork Joel with Sardine-Sister Broth and Pig Sauce, etc. can be a lifelong wait.


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