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Ten thousand students will be appointed as revenue officials:

Ten thousand students will be appointed as revenue officials: Finance Minister. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that 10 thousand students will be recruited out of revenue earning. He said, about half of the revenues that we earn according to the size of our economy. These people will be appointed to increase revenue collection.He said this on Wednesday (May 22th) at the Iftar Program, ECONOMIC REPORTERS FORUM (ERF), organized by ECNEC conference room economic organization of the NEC conference room in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar.

The finance minister said, “Our tax gdp ratio is only 10 percent. Where it is 18 to 19 percent in our neighboring countries. Now, if our revenue collection is Tk 3,25,000 crore, in this case, more than 3 lakh 25 thousand crore will be made. ”We will get more than 3 lakh 25 thousand crores of rupees. If we can not collect revenue of Tk 650,000 crore, then our economy has gained dynamism or depth – it does not match the revenue collection. We have to do this. ‘He said, it is very sad that those who pay tax, they give it. Only 21 or 22 lakh tax payers. Besides, those who have the power to pay do not pay any tax. So in the coming budget we will not increase the tax rate in any way. But those who do not pay taxes will bring them under tax.


Regarding the recruitment of 10 thousand people, the minister said, those who have the power to pay taxes but will not reach tax, they will be able to pay tax on them. For this we will raise 10 thousand manpower as the first year out source. These people will be appointed to the school, college students, who are not getting any jobs, as their out source.According to AHM Mustafa Kamal, who will be taken to the tax office in every district, he will start implementing the new VAT law from July next. But it will not be fully implemented from the beginning.

Referring to a recent survey, the minister said there are about 9 lakh business people in the capital Dhaka and big cities. First of all, it will be implemented in large places (tax revenues). We will take income tax issue to the public through VAT implementation. But do not force it. When people pay VAT, they will be accustomed to paying taxes too.He also said that all import-exported products will be properly scanned to prevent tax evasion and money laundering. As well as those who are involved in over-and-under invoicing in import-export cases, they will be sued. According to the verdict, they will be subjected to severe punishment.

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