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Technical Colleges and Polytechnic Recruited-University Job

Technical Colleges and Polytechnic Recruited

The government has decided to recruit about 12,600 posts in technical colleges and polytechnics in three fiscal years to expand career-oriented education in the country. A total of 12,606 posts including 1,081 cadre posts and 11,546 non-cadre posts in the technical education sector have been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office after completing all the necessary procedures for issuing government orders.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board Job

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Technical and Madrasa Education. Omar Farooq told BSS that a total of 1,081 cadre posts have been created for 49 polytechnic institutes to ensure quality education and to develop employment-oriented education. This step has been taken as part of the government’s priority in developing technical and vocational education to create skilled manpower in the current job market at home and abroad.

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According to sources, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has recently agreed to the proposal.

The aim is to address the manpower shortage in 49 polytechnics and 64 technical colleges out of 113 government institutions under the Technical and Madrasa Education Department, officials said.

 Polytechnic Colleges Recruited

Out of 1,071 permanent cadre posts, 20 are Vice-Chairmen (National Salary-Scale, Grade-5 in 2015), 189 are Chief Instructors (Technical, Grade-6), 57 are Chief Instructors (Non-Technical, Grade-6). 510 Instructors (Technical, Grade-9) and 305 Instructors (Non-Technical, Grade-9). More than 12,000 posts will be filled in three fiscal years from the current financial year, said Additional Secretary of the Technical and Madrasa Education Department. Md. Omar Farooq.

Technical Colleges Recruited

The Additional Secretary said the government was creating the post to address the acute manpower crisis in technical schools and colleges currently run by one-third of the staff. It is expected that the quality of education and enrollment will increase after the recruitment. He said the move is part of the government’s priority to develop technical and vocational education to create skilled manpower for the current job market at home and abroad. Experts said the job-oriented education initiative would have a positive impact on sending Bangladeshi workers abroad as there is a high demand for skilled workers abroad.

Earlier, the Ministry of Public Administration approved a proposal to create 13,072 posts. Later, the finance department agreed to create 12,608 posts in the revenue sector. The finance department has set the salary scale for the posts.

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