Teacher Niyog Biggopti

Munshiganj Proctor Professor Dr Iajuddin Ahmed published the Residential Model School and College appointment notice. The organization will appoint 5 teachers including supervisors and office assistants. You can also apply if you have interests and qualifications.

  • Position names :
  • 1) Assistant Teacher
  • A) Secondary Section-02 people
  • B) Mathematics -01 people
  • C) Business education – 01 people

Qualifications and Experience:

Honours with respect to relevant subjects from a recognized university or a 4-year honours honour Registration is mandatory.

Assistant Teacher (Primary Section) – 01

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in related subjects from approved universities and in Bangla and English versions is able to teach.

3) Supervisor – 01 people (based on CU)

Teacher Niyog Biggopti

Qualifications and Experience:

Must be graduate in graduate and fourth-class employees.

4) Office Assistant – 01 people

Qualifications and Experience:

HSC pass and computer-operated and 6-month basic course completed.

Application rules:

500 take for the post of No.5 for the post of Principal, Rs. 400 for the post of No.2 and 3 and a bank draft of Rs. 300 for any post of Jamuna Bank from any branch of Jamuna Bank for the approval of the Munshiganj branch, all the public photocopies of the public examination certificate, 2 copies of recent passport size colour photographs and Apply with a mobile number.

Application deadline:

Interested candidates will be able to apply until March 22, 2018.

Source: Daily Ittefaq (March 2, 018)

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