University of Sydney Scholarship Online Application

University of Sydney Scholarship Online Application The University of Sydney in Australia has announced the ‘Khayantse Foundation Scholarship’ for postgraduate research in Buddhist studies. Detailed information about the scholarship has been published on the university’s website. Students will receive 25,000 US dollars per academic year if they receive a scholarship. The university will bear 50 … Read more

processof-getting USA green card(DV Lottery)

The small rectangular plastic card we call a greencard has a flattering name. That is ‘Form I-551’ or permanent housing card. This green card of dreams is the first step to becoming an American citizen through naturalization. This green card can be obtained in a number of ways — through family members, through employment, through … Read more

US Immigrant Visa Program.DV Lottery

Four years after the cancellation of the US Immigrant Visa Program (DV Lottery) for Bangladesh, two US senators have proposed abolishing the lottery system for all. They have recommended passing a law in this regard. And the White House has supported these two senators. Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Purdue raised the bill. The … Read more

American DV Lottery 2021 application is Running. Can the citizens of Bangladesh apply?

American DV Lottery 2021 application is Running The dream of many people in Bangladesh is to win the DV lottery and live permanently in America. It is true that many citizens of Bangladesh have already won the DV lottery and become permanent residents of the United States. So every year many people in the country … Read more