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stroke in the brain

Why is a brain stroke?

Stroke or brain stroke is the loss of blood supply to a part of the brain due to a lack of blood supply. In today’s world, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death. Damage to a part of the brain causes a number of physical disabilities in the patient’s body which are considered to be symptoms of a stroke.stroke in the brain,pre symptoms of stroke,symptoms before a stroke,reason for a stroke,reasons for brain stroke,signs of brain stroke,

stroke in the brain

Such as: paralysis, numbness of the right or left side of the legs, arms, face or body, difficulty speaking or comprehending, falling into a confused state, slurred speech, difficulty seeing with one eye or both eyes, or blurred vision, movement Unable to do it, loss of balance in movement, inconsistency in the activities of various organs, sudden onset of severe headaches.pre symptoms of stroke

pre symptoms of stroke

If someone has a stroke in the early stages, treatment should be taken on an emergency basis, otherwise more parts of the patient’s brain may be damaged and take on a complex shape. Closure of blood vessels in the brain can lead to ischemic stroke or rupture of blood vessels can lead to hemorrhagic stroke. A short-term loss of consciousness, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness of any part of the body, and a patient returning to normal within five to ten minutes are called mini-strokes. This condition needs to be treated without neglect. Eating too much salt, eating fat and having too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of uncontrolled diabetics and high blood pressure stroke.In our country, 60-70% of the people who suffer from stroke suffer from stroke as a complication of uncontrolled high blood pressure. Although the exact cause of the stroke has not yet been determined. However, a number of physical conditions are closely linked to stroke.Such as lack of physical activity, smoking, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetics, hereditary stroke history, alcoholism, ischemic heart disease (heart block), heart bulb problems, irregular heartbeat, and even pre-existing mini-stroke.

symptoms before a stroke,

In every country, 4% of people die of stroke and 3% of people get sick. Stroke is a big problem in every country. Stroke is not another disease of the body, it is a disease of the brain. Weakening of the blood vessels in the brain leads to a lack of blood supply and damage to the cells leads to accidents, which is a stroke. Research has shown that one person in the world suffers a stroke every 6 seconds. Many times it is not possible to take the infected person to the hospital or doctor immediately. In this case we can give the first aid of stroke to the affected person.

Early treatment of stroke

When the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or there is bleeding in the brain, it is called a stroke.
There are two common types of stroke,An ischemic stroke occurs when the arteries of the brain become blocked by blood clots. Many ischemic strokes are caused by plaque buildup in your arteries. If a clot forms in an artery in the brain, it is called a thrombotic stroke. Clots that form elsewhere in your body and travel to the brain can cause embolic strokes.

When a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and bleeds, it is called a bleeding stroke.

A stroke can cause a loss of balance or unconsciousness that can lead to a life loss. Call emergency services. If you have symptoms of a stroke, call someone else. Be as calm as possible while waiting for emergency help. If you are taking care of someone else’s stroke, make sure they are in a safe, comfortable position. Generally, the head should be raised slightly and it should be on one side in case of vomiting. Check if they are breathing. If they are not breathing, do CPR. If they have trouble breathing, loosen clothing. Speak calmly, reassuringly. Give them blankets to keep warm. Don’t give them anything to eat or drink. If the person shows any weakness in any of their limbs, keep massaging them. Observe the person carefully for any changes. You can then apply the following steps

reason for a stroke

The first task will be to arrange the rest of the person.The patient cannot be moved or moved. Because, bleeding in the brain can explode.A needle should be collected and then the needle should be disinfected. With the needle, a small wound or hole should be made in the soft part of the tip of 10 fingers of the patient’s hand. It should be done in such a way that there is bleeding from each finger. Later you will see that the patient is slowly recovering.reasons for brain stroke,signs of brain stroke,

reasons for brain stroke

If the face of the person suffering from stroke is deformed, then his ears should be massaged. Massage in such a way that the patient’s ears become red. If it is red, it means that blood has reached the ears.A needle should be pierced in the soft part of the ear to get two drops of blood from the two ears of a person suffering from a stroke. After a few minutes you will see that the face will not be distorted.Brain Stroke Treatment, Stroke And, Stroke Treatment, Stroke Early Treatment, Stroke Types, Stroke What, Stroke Why, Stroke Post Treatment, Stroke Patient Treatment, Stroke Disease Treatment, Stroke Treatment, Stroke Treatment, Stroke Treatment, Stroke patient care, heart stroke treatment

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