SSC Re-Scrutiny Process 2017 by SMS

SSC Re-Scrutiny Process 2017 by SMS

Only Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone can be SSC Re-Scrutiny Process. To apply, go to the mobile message option by typing RSC <Space> with the first three letters of the name of the board and typing <space> with the roll number and entering <space> with Subject Code and send to 16222. In this case, the fee will be applicable for each letter at Tk 125.

A PIN number will be provided to the amount of money that will be withdrawn on the return  SMS. If you are in the application, go to Message option, write RSC, type YES with <Space>, enter PIN number, and send contact number to <space> send to 16222.

All the subjects which have 2 letters (Bengali and English), will be considered as an application for two letters in favor of a Subject Code (101 for Bengal, 107 for Er ridge) and 250 taka as an application fee.

You can apply for more than one topic through the same SMS. In this case, Subject Code will be written with commas (,) in phases.

SSC Re-Scrutiny Process 2017 by SMS

The results of how the result result will be seen again: The results of the re-survey results will usually be seen in 2 ways. The methods are:
Check result and get Marksheet

1. SMS method

2. Online method

Now let us know how to find out the results in 2 ways ….

1. SMS method: You do not have to do much to get the results out of this method. After publishing the results, results will be given directly to your personal mobile number (any operator’s) given by the time the application is requested to reschedule. So you do not need to send any messages to see results.

2. Online method: In this method, the list of those whose results will be changed will be published in the form of the PDF on the official website of the Board that you have tested from the board. By downloading that PDF file you will be able to know whether there is any change in your results. Note that the list of those whose results have not changed is not published in this method.

Easily see the results of online Reservation Results: The results of the re-reviewing results are usually published on their own website at different boards at different times on the same day. So the results of all the boards are not available in one place. But the results of all the Board results from this post will be uploaded from this post. As a result, you can easily find out the results of all the board re-evaluation in one place. The results were uploaded to the following links. Download the PDF file by clicking on the link of your board to see the results


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