SMART ID Card Information 2020

In the many cities of the capital, Dhaka, good quality national ID card or smart card delivery has already been started. Either somewhere ended. Officials of National Identity Registration Wing (EC) of the EC (Election Commission) said that voters have a specific election police station, but they could not raise smart cards for different reasons, although they started work in October last year. Those who did not receive the smart card even after the distribution was over, they would have to go to the election police officer with a photocopy of the original ID card. The officials will have to sign the election training institute of Agargaon in the capital. After giving a ten-finger impression and a reflection of Irish, the responsibilities will be written in the photocopy ID, the ten-finger impression and the image of the Irish have been taken

SMART ID Card Information 2020

NID Smart Card Distribution Schedule 2020

Then the paper will go back to the respective police station in their respective elections. There will be a smart card by showing photocopy and the previous national ID card. And the voters of other city outside the Dhaka City Corporation will know where finger prints and Irish reflections will be given when they go to the election office. In this regard NID Wing Director General Brigadier General Mohammad Saidul Islam said, the distribution of smart cards The time was announced. If someone can not pick that time, then you can take it in special arrangements. In addition to government and weekly holidays, smart cards can be collected throughout the year. However, it is better to pick up quickly.

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