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Singapore Visa Online Application Form

Singapore Visa Online Application Form

If you are planning a career abroad Singapore Visa Online Application Form in Singapore, you must first find a job in Singapore and then apply for a work visa to work in that country. A Singapore work visa is a work permit that allows foreigners to work in the country on a temporary or permanent basis.For details on visa requirements, please visit

All work visas in Singapore, except for the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), are attached to the Singapore employer.

Here are the details of the three general work permits in Singapore:

Recruitment Pass (EP)

If you are a professional, get a job in Singapore first. Only your employer can apply for an EP on your behalf. You can get Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass depending on your experience and qualifications.

You must receive at least a fixed monthly salary of S 3,900 and must have strong credentials to apply for EC. If you have more qualifications or experience, your salary will be equal to the experience. To qualify for the S-Pass, it is for mid-level skilled workers who need to earn a salary of S 00 2,400 per month.

Singapore Visa Online Application Form 2020 For Bangladesh

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

PEP is separate from any employer, allowing you to pursue opportunities in Singapore without affecting the validity of the pass. When you hire a PEP, for new job opportunities, you can stay in Singapore for up to 6 months in the job. The catch is that PEP is only valid for 3 years and non-renewable.

To apply, you must be a current EP holder, or you must be a foreign employer who was not unemployed for more than six months when applying for PEP.

Dependent Pass (DP)

If you have moved to Singapore with your spouse, who may be an EP or PEP holder, you will probably be given a Reliable Pass (DP). As a DP holder you are allowed to work in Singapore without a work visa. Your employer will then apply for an LOC (Letter of Consent) for your lawyer to work.

Singapore Offers Working visas to the International workers


For details on visa requirements, please visit

Work permit name details

Recruitment pass for academics, administrators and employees abroad. Candidates must earn at least $ 3,900 per month and have the required qualifications.
Personalized employment pass for existing high-earning work pass holders or foreign professionals from outside the country. PEP provides more flexibility than an appointment.
For dependent pass or spouse or employee or children of S pass holder.

Work permit application process

Companies are expected to apply for job passes on behalf of employees. Your employer is hiring an employment agency to help with the process.Overseas employers must ask a Singapore-based firm to act as a local sponsor to apply for a local sponsored employee.

Document required: Written permission from your organization to apply on your behalf
Copy the personal information page of your passport
Your education credentials have been verified by a reputable verification agency
Your organization’s latest business profile as registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
Once an application has been submitted, there are usually three weeks for online applications and eight weeks for manual applications.Singapore Visa Online Application Form

Eligibility requirements for work permit

Applicants must have a valid passport.
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
The applicant may work in the work area specified by the authority on the issued work permit
Work permit conditions

You should not take part in any other business or start your own company.
Only work in the profession with an employer-specific work permit.
No citizen of Singapore or permanent resident in or outside Singapore is required to marry without the permission of the Minister of Manpower.Singapore Visa Online Application Form

Only live at the address provided by the employer at the beginning of the operation.
Always carry the original work permit and produce it for on-demand review by any government official.
The processing time for work permits is usually three weeks for manual applications and eight weeks for manual applications.Singapore Visa Online Application Form

Singapore offers work permit options and those who want to work here can choose the most suitable.

Singapore gave the good news in the form of epidemic corona virus. The country will hire foreign workers in the technology sector under the country’s new tech-pass program. The implementation of this program will start from next January.

Singapore’s Commerce Minister Chan Chan Singh announced the visa program on Thursday (November 12th).

“Through tech-pass, technology talent will grow in this country and our position as the top tech hub in the region will be further strengthened,” he said.

According to Reuters, at least 500 veterans will be hired as executives under the program. These visas will be valid for at least two years.

In addition, a foreign worker with this visa can run a new business in the country, invest or become a director of any Singapore-based technology company.

Equipped with lucrative grants and incentives, Singapore has been working hard in recent years to attract tech firms and investors. Global tech giants like Facebook, Alphabet, Tencent and Chinese tech giants like Alibaba, Tencent are at the center of their interest.

Since Corona, the country’s government has tightened restrictions on immigrants to Singapore. Foreign workers there are being encouraged to lay off first. Meanwhile, the country’s government announced to keep the door open for foreign talent.

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