Shahbagh anti-quota movement

Shahbagh anti-quota movement

Only yesterday I can know that many people are dissatisfied with the dissatisfaction of the quota system of BCS examinations in the Shahbagh premises. Disagreements, corruption, and disappointment are very familiar in Bangladesh, so do not worry too much at first. Today, while going to the university, many policemen at the junction of Nilkheta saw the first thing that the matter is very serious. Inside a little more in the university, the eyes started burning, I realized that police threw tear shells. However, in such a situation, the class was completely canceled.

I came to my house and watched trends in BC-BCS quota now. And inevitably people are divided into two parts. I have considerable confidence in myself, so I thought, what is the matter with a little bit of hawkatta!

Freedom Fighter quota is being canceled!

Shahbagh anti-quota movement





Quotation Dissection in BCS Examination:

Following the independence in 1972, the quota system was introduced in Bangladesh. Initially, only 20% of the merit was taken as civil officer, but in 1976 it was upgraded to 40%. In 1985 it was increased to 45% according to Merit, but there was no change yet.

View the quota system according to the 5th census data at the bottom of the table:

There is also district based 10% quota allocated. So without quota, according to Merit, 44% allotment will be for BCS candidates.

Now take a moment to see how much this quota system is reasonable. First of all, come face-to-face physically challenged and indigenous. We are not physically challenged and indigenous people who are backward sections of our society, we do not have the opportunity to differ. The objective of the quota system is to help the backward and backward communities to move forward. To understand the whole thing better, see the image below