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How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV

How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV factory reset means bringing back the default option to Smart TV. We often mistakenly or intentionally change some settings. We no longer want to keep those settings. I do a factory reset to go back to the new state or the default settings of the smart TV. Delete via factory reset, all your previous settings, custom input name, all installed applications, and stored Wafi password, etc. How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV.

How do I reset my Samsung TV to factory settings?

In this post, we will explain all the processes of resetting the Samsung TV factory in detail and show it through pictures. After you read this post you can easily go back to the previous settings by manually factory reset. So, read this post carefully and do a factory reset on your Samsung TV. How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV

1. First turn on your Samsung Smart TV. (Make sure your TV is on. Because if it isn’t on, you can’t go to the next step.)

2. In the second step you have to click on the “Menu” button on your remote. If you click on the menu button, you will get the support option. Notice the image below. There we have shown graphically how you can easily complete the whole reset process by yourself.

How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV
How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV

3. After successfully completing the above 2 steps, you will see a sub-category to the right of the support option. From there, click on Option 2 Self Diagnosis.

4. After clicking on Self Diagnosis, you will see some options under Self Diagnosis, from there you will see an option called Reset in the bottom option.

5. After clicking Reset, a window will pop up in front of you, from where you can reset your Samsung Smart TV with your security PIN. So, now you enter your PIN. The default PIN is 0000.

Remember, if you changed the default PIN to 0000 past or present, then you have to give it. Or, you need to reset the security code. To reset the security code, you need the help of a remote.

You need to go mute from the remote, then, 8> 2> 4>power.

Then, you will see an option, if you agree there, your security code will have defaulted

How do I factory reset a Samsung series 8 smart TV?

Do you want to factory reset your Samsung Series 8 TV? Then take a look, how to reset Samsung series 8 smart TV factory.

1. First, you have to go to the menu option
2. Turn on the support option
3. Then, go to Self Diagnosis.
4. Then, select the reset option.
5. Then enter your PIN code (if required)
. Then, confirm. (Confirm that you want to reset)

Then restart the 8 smart TV Now your 8 smart TVs have got the default option back, meaning your 8 smart TV factory reset will be completed successfully

How do I factory reset my Samsung  series smart TV without my remote?

You can’t do a factory reset without the Samsung series smart TV remote. . However, you can do the remote work with the manual control button on the back of your TV. You can see the manual control button in the back corner of your TV, from where you can reset Samsung 8 series smart TV.

How can I completely reset a Samsung TV, if I don’t have access to the screen?

If you do not have access to the screen, to reset your Samsung smart TV, you should contact Samsung officially. Because it is not an easy task. They know how to solve it. So it would be better to contact Support. When someone is not completely satisfied with the current settings of the Samsung smart TV, the factory settings. Samsung smart TV factory reset your Samsung smart TV will return to the default settings and Deletes all Previews audio and visual settings.

Note: The Reset function is not available if you are using an app.





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