Regarding the fulfillment and submission of the BCS Form

Regarding the fulfillment and submission of the BCS Form
Download the form and fill it in the appropriate place. Remember, 419 people were not allowed to participate in the written exam last time because this form was not properly filled and submitted.
Link to download the form ::
Let’s start filling now

** Three copies of the colored photo (which is given earlier, hey, what is the need for a new photo? Are you submitting the biodata to get married?) Enter the name of the back and verify it. From there, place a copy with glue and fix it again. Stapple the remaining two copies in place.

** Enter the registration number correctly in English.
1) Enter your name in Bengali according to SSC Certificate.
2) Enter your date of birth as per SSC Certificate in Bangla. For example, May 25, 1985
3) Enter your father and mother’s name in Bengali according to SSC certificate. Do not mention them whether they have died or have achieved a degree. Write according to the most recent SSC certification.
4) Enter the permanent address given at the BPSC Form-1 (if you want to change), please write to the PSC head office in Dhaka, with all the proofs written in the application form along with the test controller. Remember, buying a pamphlet / father’s name in the permanent address Must have land). Enter the current address you want to enter. The current address will not match the previous one even if it does not match.

5) When giving the height and weight, read the circular number 30 once and keep these information in mind. So that’s not less. Enter the size of the chest. If not know, boys 30 or 31 or 32 cm You can write. Girls do not know, I have no experience.


6) Citizenship: Bangladeshi births
7) Yes / No Write.

8) (a) Yes / No to enter. (B) Write if applicable. If not, then do not apply.
9) Yes / No Write.
10) Yes / No Write

Regarding the fulfillment and submission of the BCS Form


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