QUGMEDIX 7000 Workers Notice 2017

The Google-based Google Glass Startup and Healthcare Company Agamex has planned to recruit seven thousand employees (Remote Skrave) from Bangladesh in the next five years. Recently, co-founder Pelu Tran and venture partner Steven Yeesheed came to Bangladesh to discuss the plan. Recently they detailed the details of the plans at a press conference in the capital’s Agmedix Building.

Agamexics officials say in the first light, Agamdix plans to build 7,000 screens as an opportunity to help US doctors work in Bangladesh. Scribi will do the necessary assistance from physicians for a long distance. Scribb will be responsible for providing the patient’s information and providing necessary information before the doctor when he sees a patient in Google Glass. In other words, the scraps of the US medical information will be done. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed, Secretary Subir Kishore Chowdhury, Organizing Bangladesh’s Ahmadul Haq, and Agmdix Bangladesh’s officials were present at the press conference.

See bellow this jobs notice in Bangla language:


Junaid Ahmed said, “Bangladesh has now become a destination for emerging technology. Agamex is an example of the field of innovation for the talent of the country. The creation of seven thousand skaeb is a commendable initiative. The government’s ICT Ministry is working to provide the trained manpower for the LICT program Augaidics.

Aguadix’s co-founder Pelu Tran said, “Bangladesh is an ideal place to connect with meritorious scientists with the management of augustics and with US doctors. Young people in Bangladesh now know English better Besides, most people of the country are young at the age of Young people are now becoming proficient in technology, which is making business process outsourcing or BPO potential.

Agamexics officials said apart from the appointment of Scribe to Bangladesh in Augdix, the original concept of ‘Augaidics software’ and concept ‘Made in Bangladesh’

Venture partner Steven Yeesye said, “We are very happy with the standards of Bangladesh team and they are very much in the development of Augmix.

Ahmadul Haque, managing director of Agdamics Bangladesh, said, “We have been providing technologically satisfactory services beyond the boundaries of the country and getting very satisfactory feedback. Agdamicx is expanding business globally and seven thousand skilled manpower will be recruited in our company over the next five years with the assistance of the ICT Ministry and HiTech Park Authority.

Note that in August 2012, augustics started off. Bangladeshi-born Yan Shakil and co-founder Pelu Tran Omega’s entrepreneur The initiative received an investment of about $ 17 million from five US healthcare companies. Agamex is serving primary care doctors, specialists and surgeons in more than 30 states of the United States, who see about five thousand patients every day.

[tie_list type=”checklist”][/tie_list]The eligibility that the application will require:

HSC pass or more qualified applicants can apply for SCA Apart from this, there are other positions on the basis of qualification in augustics. According to the organization’s human resources resources, experts from any topic, including English, mathematics, can apply. But English should know better. There are several steps in the recruitment process. They can be passed but final appointments can be found. To work in any shifts so that the Scribers generally serve the US in Bangladesh


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