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Proves financial uniqueness for green cards

Proves financial uniqueness for green cards
Although U.S. authorities are friendly to immigrants, they do not need any sponges. Therefore, when applying for citizenship, green cards and visas, you must explain to them that you can support yourself or rely on your relatives or friends.

One of the main conditions for getting a green card is that you make sure you are able to provide for yourself and your family once you come to the United States. Without it your immigrant visa will not be issued.

What kind of documents would be appropriate?
Documents showing financial independence include the following:
No US employer has issued a job offer;
Affidavit of assistance created by a sponsor living in the United States;
Bank statement of a personal account of the amount of savings and the period for which it was recovered;
Confirmation of the existence of income from other sources (if any);
Proof of asset or property valuation, from which you can provide for yourself and your family for at least one year.

Should a job offer be included?
A document to prove that you were hired in the United States is also proof of your financial well-being. If you have found an employer, you must submit a certificate with the following information:
Job offer
Job specifications and job performance;
Worksheet address;
Estimated runtime
If you can fulfill your responsibilities immediately after you move to the United States, you need to be prepared to answer.

How do I submit an affidavit of support?
An affidavit of support is proof of being sponsored by a relative or friend, a permanent resident or U.S. citizen. Your sponsor must fill out the I-134 form. The sponsor must be able to cover your expenses 25% more than the general poverty rate in the United States, in most states it is about 000 11,000 per year. That is, their coverage should be at least 7 13,750 per year.
Information must be provided in the affidavit of support

The sponsor’s annual income;
A statement of consent from the sponsor to ensure your financial well-being by posting the deposit. This will guarantee that your power will not depend on the government.
Confirmation from the sponsor that they are willing to help your family members subject to all mandatory expenses (such as your children’s education expenses).

The document should also indicate the period in which the sponsors were accepted to provide material assistance (3 years from the date of departure of the applicant from the country). Sponsors must ensure that they are prepared for the arrival of immigrants. Finally, the document must specify whether the sponsor is a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen.

The applicant or sponsor must meet the following criteria:
Must be over 18 years of age;
Become a U.S. citizen or obtain a permanent residence permit (i.e. become a green card holder);
You have a valid U.S. address and are currently residing in the United States;
Guarantee a minimum income of 125% of the current federal minimum living standard;
Earn at least 125% of current federal minimum earnings level values.

Will the consulate check the information?
Check with USCIS to see that the application form is complete and the documents are collected in sufficient detail. You may be asked to provide more information or send original documents instead of copies (promised to return them). In other words, the authenticity and validity of the brought document cannot be specifically verified.

However, if you or the sponsor intentionally provide false information, you may be denied an immigration visa and green card at any time. Form I-864 134 has been checked more thoroughly and the sponsor may be prosecuted for providing false information.

Please note:
You are closer to the date of the interview to ensure your financial well-being.
If a certificate is more than one year old, the Consul will not accept it as it will be considered old.
It is assumed that your income will cover all of your visa applicant’s expenses with a margin of 25% relative to your average US poverty rate of at least your 13,750 per year.

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