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Primary School Teacher Pay Scale 2019

Primary School Teacher Pay Scale 2020

Primary School Teacher Pay Scale 2020. The government is fulfilling its promise to increase the salaries by changing the grades of primary teachers. Assistant teachers will receive salary in the 12th grade, and the head teacher in the tenth grade. The change is being made by amending the teacher recruitment rules.The President approved the proposed rules on Sunday. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is going to publish the Gazette soon.

Primary School Teacher Pay Scale 2020

In order to improve the salary of teachers, salaries of district and upazila education officers are also being revised. The measures are being taken to maintain administrative order and discipline. Accordingly, the thinking of upgrading the salary of Assistant Thana Education Officer to District Primary Education Officer from ninth to seventh grade is underway. Additional Secretary Giyasuddin Ahmed of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education confirmed the details.

The revised rules propose the creation of new posts as ‘assistant head teachers’ in schools. About 1,000 assistant head teachers will be appointed when this post is created. The appointment notice will be published immediately after the publication of the Gazette of the Rules. However, notice of the appointment of 5,000 more teachers in the vacant posts in primary schools is coming. Of the 4,000 teachers, 4,000 will be appointed at the pre-primary level and 4,000 as assistant teachers at other levels. The Department of Primary Education (DPE) has been directed to publish notification of teacher recruitment. If no special complications arise, recruitment notices may be released next week.According to DPE sources, the advertisement of ‘Assistant Teacher Appointment 20’ was announced in June last year to recruit 12,000 teachers in the revenue sector in the government primary school.

Primary School Teacher Pay Scale 2020

Then more than 2 million candidates applied. The ministry is in danger of conducting recruitment examinations as the applicant is high. Still, there was talk of starting a written test from March 7. But ‘National Education Week 20′ is starting on March 7. The recruitment test has been postponed due to the busyness of the event. However, the next date of the written test will be fixed at the ministry meeting after March 3.

Change of teachers’ grade: At present, the head teacher position is second grade but they get paid in the 5th grade. However, all other employees of the second class get paid in tenth grade. Even when it is recommended to appoint second class from 5th BCS, everyone gets tenth grade, but only primary elementary teachers have got 5th grade. As a result, several factions of head teachers have protested for demand for salary in tenth grade. Trained assistant teachers receive salaries in 5th grade. As a result, the difference between their salary with the head teachers is three steps. Assistant teachers did not agree to this. They want a step down salary from the head teacher. Assistant teachers have also agitated over this.

Teacher leaders said the head teachers were happy with the change in the pay scale of primary teachers, but assistant teachers were not happy. They do not want the new position of assistant head teacher. They think that if this position is created, assistant teachers will have to go through two steps to get promotion as head teacher. And if you do not have the post of assistant head teacher, one step will be the head teacher. They want pay for the head teacher’s next step.

Primary School Assistant Teacher Recruitment Exam Date 2019

In this regard, Mohammad Shamsuddin Masud, president of the Bangladesh Primary School Assistant Teachers Association, said, “Our claim is the next grade of the head teacher.” But when we are promoted to the post of Assistant Head Teacher, we will be paid on the scale of that position. Then the salaries of assistant teachers will be discriminated against. So we don’t want the position of assistant head teacher at the moment. We want salary in the next grade of head teacher.

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