praimary Jobs preparation

The entrance must be brought together. Books, answer papers, notes, papers, calculators, mobile phones, electric clocks, and any type of electric device can not be kept. The answer sheet must be filled carefully. If incorrectly, the answer sheet may be can Jobsceled. It is good to fill the OMR answer papers with a black ink ballpoint pen. To answer each question, a rounded room will be filled up. Answering the same question, multiple answers will be canceled and the numbers are cut. If no answer to any question is wrong then it can not be deducted to fill any other room. The OMR sheet can not be folded, except for a fixed house, the answers can not be spotted anywhere else. Roll number, question code set code, district code, upazila / police code, sex code number must be filled out, otherwise the answer papers will be canceled. When filling the Roll Number of the OMR Sheet, the round number of the round numbers below the correct number of the black ink ballpoint pen will be filled in full. Candidate has to sign in the given room by writing the serial number and question number of questions on the Hazira sheet.

To emphasize: In Bengali, more emphasis will be on grammar. All classes of grammar books prepared by the board of the eighth and ninth tenth class will be well read. Know about the literature and biography of the poets and writers. It will be helpful to read the book of the author of SSC and HSC board books and to get acquainted with the familiar book of the general knowledge book.
What is in the last test: Review of the first and second phase written examinations of 27 June and 28 August 2015, it is seen that the language, color, gesture, separation, separation, symptom, sequence, metallurgy, samples, spell-correctness, The question arises from the technical terms, synonyms, reverse words, twists and turns. In the literature section, the author of the story

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