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permanent resident in canada-Part2

Permanent resident in canada-Part2

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Applicants for immigration may be nominated in 11 Canadian provinces. Exposes them at different times in each province. Generally the terms of the Provincial Nominee Program differ. Candidates should apply according to their qualifications. However, in this case, keep in mind about the duration of the program. Many conditions can be relaxed in this case. However, some new conditions have been imposed.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program are now in operation. There is also the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. In addition, the Quebec Skills and Investors Program has started from 19 May.

কানাডায় স্থায়ী বসবাসের উপায় জেনে নিন-১(কানাডা নাগরিকত্ব)

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part1

A) British Columbia Provincial Program:

People with two years of work experience with a score of 5.5 in IELTS can apply to British Columbia, one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, if they have a bachelor’s degree. The British Columbia Provincial Program is divided into four categories. Express Entry BC — Skilled Worker and International Graduate and Skills Immigration: Skilled Worker and Entry Level Semi-Skilled. In the latest draw, 36 people were nominated from British Columbia alone.

কানাডায় স্থায়ী বসবাসের উপায় জেনে নিন-১(কানাডা নাগরিকত্ব)

how to get permanent resident in canada-Part1


B) Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program:

In Saskatchewan, one of the best and most developed provinces in Canada, some specialized professionals can easily apply and get an immigrant visa with their family in the fastest time. Occupations include:

– Computer or Information Systems Engineer or Analyst

– Civil Engineer

– Mechanical Engineer

– NGO officer or social worker or project manager

–Agriculture Manager or Agriculture Officer

– Supply Chain or Purchase Manager

– Mathematician or statistician

C) Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program:

Only those who have studied in Canada, are qualified to work in Canada, have received a job offer in Canada, or are willing to do business can apply and become permanent in this particular province.

Application deadline:

After creating the profile, you have 14 days to apply in any category.

D) Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP):

This program is already running after 2015. Financial Accountants, Admin Officers, Civil Engineers, Computer Professionals, Nurses and NGO workers can apply for the program.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has been launched in three categories since March 2016. This includes the opportunity to work in Canada for a long time. Since the program has job offers, it is the preferred program of many. The Atlantic government has confirmed that 2,000 families will have this opportunity in 2018.


E) Quebec Immigration:

Although Quebec is a province of Canada, its immigration process is different. Programs are announced at any time of the year specifying specific quotas. Usually the conditions or qualifications in this province are very simple and relaxed. Quebec programs fall into three main categories. These are: The Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Entrepreneur Program and Quebec Experience Class. Each program has its own conditions. The province will receive another 5,000 migrants in the next 12 months.

Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP)

Several professionals, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers and welders, can apply for jobs under this program and immigrate with jobs. However, they have to get a ‘Trade Skill Certificate’ from a foreign approved institution. Must have experience in related work as well. There is also a great demand for construction, chief cook, baker, fish processing, electrical, industrial, machinery management and maintenance, natural resource management, agriculture, etc. in Canada. Eligible family members will be able to travel to Canada under this program. Application can be made only if the age is 18 to 45 years.

Family immigration

It is the easiest and fastest way to get immigration to Canada under family sponsorship. However, those who do not have close relatives, they will not get this opportunity.

Caregivers Program:

This program allows you to stay in Canada with your family for a maximum of six months. Only certified nurses can apply. Unlike other conventional programs, 6 points or 1,200 CRS points are not required. If you have a Diploma in Nursing or BSc pass in Nursing and a minimum score of five in IELTS, you can apply and go to Canada with a job through the Live in Caregiver (LPC) program. Child education and care, geriatric care, pediatric nursing or adult or primary education will be the main work of immigrants.

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