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Permanent residency golden visa Work permit Visa in europe- EU Blue Card

Farid Ahmed Patwari, from Portugal: Europe is a rich continent with thousands of years of history and heritage. Not only is Europe rich in history; At the same time, they have been able to improve their economy. In fact, various wars have enriched themselves through revolutions. The biggest shock was World War II. Permanent residency golden visa Work permit Visa in Europe

Permanent residency golden visa Work permit Visa in Europe

After that, Europe did not have to face any obstacles. Considering the wheel dynamics of the economy, most of the modern technology, starting from the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, was created by Europe. That is why Europe is another name for the developed world. For good reason, everyone from different countries wants to migrate to Europe for a better life. Because of not knowing the right way, people go out on a dream journey. Many are deceived and put in danger. However, if you make a plan, you can easily go to Europe from your location and live permanently according to the rules of each country.

Permanent residency golden visa Work permit Visa in Europe

Opportunity to live in Europe in five ways

Let’s find out what ways you can go to Europe and live. There are five main ways you can get a living in Europe. Firstly Highly Qualified Worker or Professional, Inter-Company Transfer Worker, Researcher, Student, Volunteer or Unpaid Worker.It is also possible to live permanently if you find a job in Portugal, Spain, and Italy to travel on a tourist visa. Today we will discuss only Highly Qualified Workers or Highly Qualified Workers. This program is also referred to as EU Blue-Card.

Permanent residency in Europe

What is the EU Blue Card?

It is a scheme for highly skilled workers that gives the right to live and work in the EU to those highly skilled workers from outside the European Union. You must have a university degree and work skills under this program. Apart from Denmark and Ireland, the remaining 25 EU countries will be able to live and work under the program. In addition, the job contact and the country in which you will apply should be entitled to one and a half times the average salary or the equivalent of the salary fixed by this program.

Each country has different rules for the EU Blue Card. Let’s find out what qualifications you need for a blue-card in the Portuguese context and how you can apply.

What qualifications do you need for a golden visa in Europe?

Applicants must have at least a one-year employment contract (contract or appointment letter (in both cases with attestation from the Ministry of Local Education for professional proof) of any company in Portugal. What qualifications do you need for a golden visa in Europe? The applicant’s occupation must be recognized under Portuguese law. In the case of a regulated job and accordingly, the certificate has to be submitted. In the case of a non-regulatory job, a high professional qualification certificate has to be presented. Medical Insurance and Valid Travel Document (Passport, Resident Card) (for those who are already in other European countries). The question here is how do you get a job? There is a job site in the European Union EURES. There are thousands of different job opportunities here and you can find jobs by country.

Moreover, you can find a job by contacting different companies. Although not from our country, a large number of highly skilled workers from neighboring countries are working in Europe.

Where to apply EU Blue-Card visa application

You must first apply for a short-term work permit visa to travel to Portugal under the EU Blue-Card program. In the case of Portugal, you usually have to apply for a D-3 visa. Where to apply EU Blue-Card visa applicatio

To apply for a visa, you need to submit a copy of the contract or appointment letter, travel insurance, professional certificate, return ticket, and passport to the relevant embassy in Portugal or the EU country where you got the job. In many cases, embassy activities are conducted through the VSF; In that case, you can submit with a VSF appointment.

Work permit Visa in Europe

Upon entering Portugal, you must make an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration Authority (SEF) for an Article 121 (a) Temporary Resident Permit. On the date of appointment you have to present the work contract (as a highly-skilled worker), residence address, social security number, police clearance certificate of your own country and Portugal, and police clearance certificate of the country concerned if you have already been in another country.Work permit Visa in Europe

If all goes well, the current temporary resident permit will first be issued for two years and will be renewed for a period of three years if renewed later.

EU Blue-Card visa application

In the case of the EU Blue-Card visa application, if the job and salary calculations are correct, one hundred percent visa can be obtained and there is no problem in getting a resident of Portugal later. However, if you have already been granted a visa to any European country, or if you have already been deported from a European country, or if you have committed a crime; In that case it will not be acceptable i.e. your visa application will not be accepted.

Moreover, if for any reason the Portuguese immigration authorities refuse you an application after you have arrived in Portugal, you will have the right to appeal. To get a resident card in Portugal

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