Part time job opportunities in book fair

‘Knowing new books, talking directly to writers-readers, and at the end of the month there is some honor. In all, it is really a pleasure to work in the book fair. “Yasmin Akhter said in the book fair the experience of working as a part-time sales worker. She has been working as a part-time sales worker since 2011 in various publishing houses. If you like Yasmin, you can also work as a part-time sales worker in the book fair.

Like every year, Bangla Academy will be organizing the month of Ekram Ekushey Book Fair in the month of the month. In this fair, local and foreign readers came out of the Bangla Academy premises.

During the fair, the publishing houses appoint experienced and inexperienced part-time salesmen or sales associates as well as regular staff members to sell and present their books to buyers and buyers. In addition to the sales worker, some organizations also take the position of cashier, public relations officer etc. Besides the boys, girls were also appointed in these institutions. Most of the people are said to be taken from college or university students.