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Opportunity to get higher education in Russia with 100% scholarship!

Opportunity to get higher education in Russia with 100% scholarship!

Open Doors is a Russian scholarship scheme that offers admission to tuition-free programs at Russia’s top universities. The Open Doors Russian Scholarship is awarded to international students in collaboration with the Global Universities Association and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. These scholarships are awarded through online competition only for Masters and PhD degrees.

Applicants have to go through an online competition to get this scholarship. Which is offered only for Masters and PhD degrees. The winners and runners-up of this competition are allowed to study at any university in Russia and their tuition fees are paid by the Russian government. The purpose of this scholarship is to enhance Russia’s position in global research and education. These universities have 21 Nobel Prize winning lecturers and more than 360,000 students.

Russia scholarship!

The doctoral track includes an additional round, where participants will be given an interview with potential research advisors. If the interview is successful, participants will be able to choose a research advisor from among those who have nominated them.

Scholarship recipients will be able to read about: –

Mathematics and artificial intelligence.
Clinical medicine and public health.
Computer and data science.
Business management.
Politics and international relations.
Biology and biotechnology.
Neurology and Psychology.
Physical science.
Linguistics and modern languages.
Chemistry and Physics.
Economics and Econometrics.

Those who receive scholarships will have the opportunity to study at any university in Russia, and the Russian government will cover all the costs of their studies. That means they will get 100% scholarship.

Opportunity to get higher education

Eligibility of application
Educational Qualifications: – Bachelor Degree (for Masters Track) or Masters Degree (for Doctoral Track)
Participants must study in Russian or English. So you have to be proficient in any one language.
Everyone except Russian can apply.
Applicable to candidates for all places: Open to all.

Application deadline: December 10, 2020

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