Online registration for release of the National University.

Online registration application for release of the National University.

04 year National University BA (Hon’s) students passed the test for a minimum of 3 rd class 20142015 academic Masters (Pvt.) program will be able to apply for registration.

Between 2014 to 04 of the National University, 01-year master’s 1st (regular and private) examination of the program, students can apply for registration.

Subject to the application should be allowed to be taken, the relevant department of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and is subject to submission of a certificate of good conduct can apply.

Bangladesh defense forces, subject to the eligibility requirements will be able to apply for permission from the appropriate authorities.

Candidates to apply for the date 19-04-2017 02-05-2017 from 4 pm until 1 pm the night of the National University website

( or have to fill in the form.

For details, see press release published by the National University