NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2019

NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2019. National University 2018 Degree Pass and Certificate Course in the 2nd year examination form fill 2019. The details of this are explained in a notification on the National University website. It has been said in the release that all the concerned people are going to complete the online pass on the date of the last year’s date pass and certificate course.
Test date and detailed timing will be punished in time. Detailed examination application form, statement form, fill up the relevant papers and date of submission and the details of the form are filled in:

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NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up 2019

List of prospective candidates, topic signals, question form demand form and data entry software and possible candidates list, question signature form, question paper demand form, data entry software and the conditions of participation in the examination are required information on the National University website ( -pass) can be found. The website will be launched in due time and the data entry will be closed automatically after the scheduled time, so that the candidates and colleges will have to complete the data entry in due course.

NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2019

Date data of the student’s data entry, certification, statement form, filled the question form and the submission

• Form Down-Lodd Date (By Student): 15/04/2019 to 15/05/2019

• Date of confirmation of student data (by college): 22/04/2019 to 19/05/2019

• Date of payment of money through general service (by the college): 20/05/2019 to 22/05/2019

• Date of submission of fees statement, statements and other papers related to Branch / Self Regional Center: 03/05/2019

NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up 2019
NU Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up 2019

• 2nd year (700 no) – Regular / irregular private: 800 / – (700 / – fee + 100 / – in-course fee)
• Certificate Course: 300 / – (200 / – Fees + 100 / – In-Course Fee)
• Mannan / Grade Development / Irregularity: 300 / – (Special Inclusion Fee) + 100 / – (per Episode)
• Center Fee: 450 / –

(In the course of admission in the course of every year, in-course (regular / private and certificate course), the college will complete the in-course examination by taking the corresponding college)

Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up Notice 2019

Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up 2019
Degree 2nd Year Form Fill Up 2019

ফরম পূরণ করতে এই লিংকে  ক্লিক করুন

Essential requirements for participation in the exam

A) 2nd year course of degree pass course is regular (700 marks)

i) Students who have been promoted (passed) and participated in this examination, regular students of the 2016-2017 academic year and all those registered in the year 2017 participated in the 1st pass and certificate course in the 2017 Degree and Certificate Course.

ii) In the second year of the academic session, the “Bangla National Language” in the second year, with the compulsory papers of the 3rd and 4th paper examinations
To participate.

iii) Participation in all the examinations for second year is recommended.

B) Degree Pass Course Second year exam irregular (number 700):

i) 2015-2016, 2014-2015 and 2013-2014 academic year and private registration of 2016, 2015 and 2014
All students participated in the 1st pass for the year 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 and passed 1st year examination in the 1st year examination.
(Promoted) has participated in the second year exam of 2017, 2016 and 2015, or part of it
Failure to participate or not (Not
Promoted) will be able to participate in this examination as an irregular examiner.

ii) Students of 2015-2016 session and those who have been registered in the year 2016 will participate in this examination of absentees who have passed the 3rd year pass and certified courses in the second year examination and have passed the 3rd year (Promoted-c) conditionally.

iii) In the second year in the second year of ‘Bangla National Language’ for the above mentioned academic year, in the examination of the 3rd and 4th paper of the relevant subjects
To participate.

iv) Participation in all the examinations for second year is recommended.

C) Failure and sanction

i) Students of 2015-2016, 2014-2015 and 2013-2014 academic year and private registered students of 2016, 2015 and 2014 who participated in the second year of the year 2017, 2016 and 2015 Not Promoted
They have got or have received F grade in any paper / course, they can participate in this examination.

ii) Students who participated in the second year of the year 2015-2016, have received C grade or D. in any paper / course and they can participate in the admission test in the maximum two courses.

D) Certificate Course Examination (200)

i) Students who are enrolled in the Certificate course of 2017, 2016 and 2015 who have been promoted in 1st and 2nd paper in the 1st year examination of the year 2017, 2016 and 2015, they will be able to participate in the examination of the 3rd year and 4th paper of the second year in this examination.

ii) These students will participate in the examination according to the syllabus of the academic session 2013-2014.

Fill up the application form online (for students):

• The applicant must go to the university’s website ( and click on the link to apply to online form Fillup (For Student) and enter your data entry according to the website’s registration number and instructions. When the data entry process is complete, a completed application form will be printed from online.

The filled form will contain the subject code and the fee details for the candidate.

• Each student’s recent passport size photograph (attested by the Principal) will be blocked by the Aika Gum in the prescribed place of the application form.

• Fishe printed application form will have two parts. After signing the principal in both parts, the upper part will be reserved for the candidates
And the following part must be submitted to the applicant on the prescribed desk by the signature of the college.

Click this link to fill out the form
Regarding completing the 2nd year pass of the Certificate of Passing and Certificate Course in the year 2015

Admit Card  Correction

A) The Admission Letter can not be used in any way. If there is a mistake in the entrance, then it is necessary to provide relevant docomeents
Co-graduate pass section will be accompanied by a sub-test controller.

B) Fill in form and participate in the examination according to the subject code as mentioned in the registration card.

Cost of Exam  Management:

The center authorities will be able to execute all the expenses of conducting the examination by receiving the center fee. White answer sheet from the national university
And the necessary cost of taking other test papers should be executed by the center fee. Chemical for practical testing or
No other payment from the University will be made for the purchase of other accessories. The center fees will be deposited at the center for the center fee of Taka 300 / – from the center of the examination. With the remaining Tk 150 / – the cost of the examination of the concerned college will be executed.


The 2nd year examination of the 2013 Pass and Certificate Course will be held according to the National University 2013-2014 Regulation. Complete
Regarding the University website

Syllabus (The question papers will be formulated according to the syllabus described in the NIME).

All the students of the 2nd pass exam of the 2nd pass of the year 2014 are eligible to participate in the examination according to the syllabus made in the 2013-14 academic year.
Will be.

College affiliation

Letter of affiliation / affiliation renewal letter (2017-2018 academic year) will be accepted in the relevant section. Do not take it otherwise.

Exam schedule and center list

The detailed schedule and center list of the examination will be done on time.

Take in-course exams and send numbers

Regular and private students attend their respective colleges before participating in the in-course exam before completing the form. The college authorities will send each and every letter of the examinations to the candidates for registration / registration number of the applicants for the online application form. After the print copy of the transmitted number is verified by the departmental head and the principal, the original copies should be sealed and submitted to the sub-examination controller, degree pass branch, national university, Gazipur before the launch of the technical examination and to save it in the photocopy college. Will be.

Result: The results of this examination will be published in grading method.

Grading System

The answer sheet will be assessed on the basis of number. Find the number obtained by a candidate in Letter Grade and Grade Point (Grade
Point will be converted. The following letter grade will have corresponding grade points for evaluation of the candidate’s results.

• For graduation from 2nd year to 3rd year, D / grade or more grades will be obtained in at least 03 posts out of 07 letters.
• All papers must be present in the examination. The result will be determined by writing the written and in-course exam numbers. The full Regulation is given at the university web site


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