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Not a case without vehicle insurance

Not a case without vehicle insurance

Not a case without vehicle insuranceThe Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has written a letter requesting the police not to file a case against the motorist or his owner even though the motor vehicle was not insured.

BRTA sources said this on Friday (October 2).

Although no motor vehicle was insured on September 30, the BRTA has written to the police requesting them to take necessary action without filing a case against the motor vehicle or its owner.

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According to the letter, third party risk insurance was mandatory for vehicles under Section 109 of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983. Section 155 of the law also provided for punishment. But according to sub-sections 1, 2 and 3 of section 80 of the Road Transport Act of 2016, insurance is not compulsory for motor vehicles.

Sub-section 1 states that a motor vehicle owner or organization may, if it so desires, insure the life and property of any motor vehicle owned by him for the number of passengers specified for transport.

Motor insurance

According to sub-section 2, the owner or organization of the motor vehicle shall insure the motor vehicle operated under them as per the rules and the loss or damage of the motor vehicle shall be covered by the insurance. The insurer will receive appropriate compensation.

Sub-section 3 states that if a motor vehicle is involved in an accident or is damaged or damaged, it cannot claim any compensation from the financial assistance fund set up under section 53 for that motor vehicle.

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Referring to the law, the letter said, “Third party risk insurance is not compulsory under this section and there is no provision for punishment even if it is violated under this law.” If there is no third party risk insurance, there is no opportunity to file a case against the owner of the motor vehicle or motor vehicle under the Road Transport Act 2018.

The letter requested to take necessary steps to inform all concerned.

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