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No, That’s Not A Snake. Viral Video Leaves Many Baffled

Nothing catches internet based life’s consideration like the puzzle of the obscure – and this video becoming famous online is confirmation. The video being referred to at first seems to show a snake crawling over a stone. A couple of moments in, nonetheless, the snake like animal uncovers itself completely – and it is, without a doubt, not at all like anything you have seen previously.

The creature in the video has five extremities stretching out from a focal circle. Each ‘arm’ is long and slim, giving it the presence of a snake. In the video, it gradually crawls over the stone utilizing every member and brings down itself into water.

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“What is that??” asked Twitter client Lydia Raley while re-posting the old video on the microblogging stage a couple of days back. Investigate:

Weak stars are ocean animals that are firmly identified with starfish and are otherwise called snake stars. There are in excess of 2,000 types of fragile stars, and a considerable lot of them are found in remote ocean. They slither over the sea depths utilizing their long arms.

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