NID card is lost. How do I get a new card?

1. Q: ID card is lost. How do I get a new card?
Answer: The nearest police station is to apply to GD’s original copies of the concerned police station, according to the concerned upazila / police station officer’s office or in the national identity registration department.

2. Q: Is there a fee to get a lost ID card or amend the information?
Answer: There is no type of fee to get lost cards yet. However, in future, the fees charged by the government to get lost / corrected ID card will be fixed.

3. Q: What can be done to lose and correct the same?
Answer: Losing and correction is not possible at the same time. Before losing the card, you can apply for correction.

4. Q: How do I modify lost ID card?
Answer: First you have to withdraw the lost ID card and then apply for corrections.

5. Question: What is the acceptance of acceptance / loss of slip?
Answer: Even if the slip is lost, the application will be submitted for the missing card with the correct voter ID number by the GD.

NID card is lost. How do I get a new card?

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6. Q: What is the procedure to be obtained if the acknowledgment card / ID Card is lost but there is no document or NID number / voter number / slip number?
Answer: Collect Voter Number from concerned Upazilla / Thana / District Election Office and apply to NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana Selection Officer’s office.

7. Q: How is it possible to change the information that has not changed in the national letter?
Answer: If applying along with papers related to it will be considered in the Registration Registration section.

8. Question: The standard of national identity card is not good at present, is it possible to improve in the future?
Answer: Yes. In the future smart cards are running in order to provide a lot of advanced and modern features and the quality will improve greatly.

1. Question: I did not register as a voter in a timely fashion. What can be done now?
Answer: The concerned upazila / thana / district election office can apply for appropriate reasons.

2. Q: I could not register a Voter because of a foreign country, how can I do it now?
Answer: The concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office will have to apply for birth certificate, citizenship certificate, SSC certificate, copy of utility bill or home rent or holding tax ration card, along with duplicate copy of Bangladesh passport and fill the relevant forms.

3. Q: I registered the voter in 2007/2008 or 2009-2010, but at that time I did not receive ID card. How can I get an ID card now?

Answer: Contact the Upazila / Thana Election Office in the area where you have been voter with the acknowledgment of the acknowledgment given during your voter registration. If there is not even available, the receipt and seal of receipt of the receipt of the election officer’s receipt will be given in the National Identity Registration Section.


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