Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the 30 percent quota for the freedom fighters in the government service will continue. He said, the liberation of the freedom fighters, the liberation of Bangladesh, the independence of Bangladesh, the development has improved. Manu is getting his job, his life is changing.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing a rally organized by Awami League in Patiya, Chittagong on Wednesday.

Sheikh Hasina said today’s independence, development is due to the sacrifice of the liberation war.

He also said that special arrangements will be made for the freedom fighters. That is why they have a job quota for their children and grandchildren. If the quota is not available, then the quota issue has been relaxed for appointment to the vacant posts of general job seekers. Nothing can be done outside of it.

According to official estimates, 30 percent quota for the freedom fighters in government jobs. And 10 percent for the backward districts, 10 percent for women, 5 percent for small ethnic groups and 1 percent for disabled people.

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