New policy for teacher recruitment has been set to be 35 years

The long-running issue of teachers’ education crisis in private schools is being cut. At least a hundred thousand teachers and employees are being created. In view of the new curriculum introduced in 2012 and the countrywide quality education disrupted, the initiative was taken by the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education Apart from this, new educational institutions will be included in MPO.

These proposals have been floated in ‘Private Education Institutes (Schools and Colleges) Manpower Structure and MPO Policy-2018′. Asked about this, Additional Secretary (Secondary) of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education of the Education Ministry, Jabed Ahmed told Azad, “Many things including ICT are being restarted but the posts have not been created.” Teachers are teaching other topics because of the problem of teachers. Students are deprived of quality education. Considering these issues a new manpower structure has been created.

The Ministry of Public Administration will soon be sent for approval. He also said that there is no specific age for private teachers to enter the job. Age issue has been set. Asked about the educational institutions MP, he said, comments can be made until the policy is approved. Here are many interests of the state involved. According to the manual structure of private educational institutions, there are one position in the middle schools in Bengali, English and social science.

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