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National ID card will be available in 7 days

The Election Commission (EC) has instructed the National Identity Card (NID) to provide voters within seven days of the application, without harassing any service providers.

Directed by Arafat Ara, Assistant Director of NID Molecule, on Sunday, the instructions have been sent to field level officials.

It has been said in the directive of the EC that in some cases complaints are being made to the service providers in the field of NID service.

National ID card will be available in 7 days

The service seeker is being harassed in various ways or he is taking refuge in the absence of delay in service delivery. An NID applicant will have to try to provide the highest service to the candidate for new insertion (application for new voter), NID correction, cut or relocation. If the service provider is not victimized by any kind of harassment, then the matter should be ensured.

To implement the directive, the Election Commission has set three duties to be decided by the Election Commission. These are: If a person requests to get the national identity card correction service, then it will be uploaded to the server within 3 days along with necessary docomeents and check-up to the upazila.

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