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Low cost motorcycle insurance Cheap Auto Insurance Bangla

Low cost motorcycle insurance Cheap Auto Insurance Bangla

Bangladesh is a densely populated country, where the population is high and the accident rate is very high. Due to our dense population, it is a little convenient to ride a motorbike. Today we will discuss Cheap Auto Insurance. So let’s get started,

The things we will know today are:

1. Accident statistics in Bangladesh.

2. Why insure?

3. Materials needed to insure motorcycles.

4. Types of insurance in Bangladesh.

Accident statistics in Bangladesh
We have presented two figures here, the first is the report of our country’s English daily newspaper Daily Star and the other is the statistics of the World Bank. If you look at these two statistics, you will understand why insurance is needed.

Cheap Auto Insurance

1. The first statistic is that according to the statistics of the English daily newspaper Daily Star, an average of twelve thousand (12000) people die due to road accidents in our country every year and about thirty five thousand (35000) people are injured due to road accidents.

2. Our second statistic is a survey by the World Bank, which states that out of every ten thousand (10,000) vehicles in our country, eighty-five (75) vehicles are involved in accidents.

The reason we present these statistics is to inform you of the amount of accidents, and to ensure our own safety according to them.

Why insurance?

But this is very important why we will insure. I have already said that our country is a densely populated country and although there are many rules for the movement of vehicles, no one obeys them. So the accident rate of our country is much higher than other countries. Not only are our vehicles damaged in the accident, but thousands of people are losing their lives because of this accident. If the breadwinner of a family loses his life, his whole family is in danger. Not only did he lose one man, but his family income stopped. If the person is insured, he gets some money from the insurance company which alleviates some of the hardships of the family. Even if the motorcycle is insured in the same way, the insurance company is obliged to pay the compensation due to the accident.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Materials needed to insure motorcycles
The equipment we have given below is required to insure almost all vehicles. Here we are talking about motorcycle insurance so the name motorcycle has been taken.

1. Photocopy of your National Identity Card.

2. Two copies of your passport size photo.

3. Blue-book of your motorcycle.

4. Your driving license. (If any)

5. Motorcycle papers. (If any)

. Receipt of purchase from where you bought your motorcycle.

Types of insurance in Bangladesh

There are three types of insurance for motorcycles in our country. The first and second time between them is more money. Here, if your motorcycle is ever involved in an accident, the insurance companies often pay you full compensation, and number three is just a rule.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Here you have to insure with two hundred (200) rupees. And it has a validity of one year, after one year you have to renew it again. You will need two hundred rupees again for the next renewal. In our country, it has been made compulsory to insure vehicles, so you have to insure at least two hundred. The police can file a case against you at any time.

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