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Korean Lottery 2020-language test registration


Lottery and Korean language test registration:
In the last few years, there have been many times more registrations against the demand. Due to which double number of potential candidates (maximum 7400) will be passed on the basis of high marks through lottery in a computerized system with the passport number of the applicants. Those who will later be selected for final registration in the EPS-TOPIC CBT exam or will be able to take part in the language exam. If you are the winner of the Korean Lottery, you will need to complete the registration for the EPS-TOPIC CBT exam by appearing in person at Boesel’s office on the scheduled day with your passport and 2 passport size photographs of white background on the back. Along with this you have to pay-order and collect the admit card for the test.

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First Round Test (Korean Language Proficiency Test-EPS-TOPIC CBT)
CBT – Computer base Test is a computerized test method that involves reading and listening in front of a computer. A total of 100 marks are taken in 50 minutes so that there are 20 questions for reading or reading and 20 questions for listening and answering. Out of 100 marks, quota number was selected from among the candidates who got more than 44 marks. Test results are published on the web site and on the notice board of Boesel. Urtinna candidates in this examination will be considered as Urtiran for the next two years from the date of publication of results.

2nd Round Test (Skill Test and Competency Test)
After passing the language test you will have to take part in the skill test and competency test. The skill test usually tests the physical ability and foresight of the candidate. For the added competency test from this year, the candidate has to submit job experience certificate, job experience certificate, vocational training (original certificate), educational qualification (original certificate), national certificate photocopy etc. as authentic documents. However

Announced the name of the successful candidate
The final candidates will be selected on the basis of high marks by adding the marks obtained in the first and second round examinations. The selected candidate will then have to fill up the job offer form. When filling out the job offer form, you need to understand the job category well and then fill it in the order in which you want to work. Then if all goes well you will be included in the job roster. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that being included in the job roster does not mean that Korean jobs are final.

Waiting and finally getting a job in the dream Korea
Once you are included in the job roster, you will have an account on the EPS website. You can check with your ID password. Then wait for the turn, if any Korean company likes you, you will get their invitation through Boycell in your e-mail and EPS account. Then your job is to pay for medical checkups and medical tickle training. After that you have to do 1 week training from Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Center on work and Korean culture. Then cut the plane ticket according to the date specified by your hiring company and sit on the plane with all your necessary paperwork, luggage on the specified day.

Entering the dream Korea
After going to Korea, you will have a final medical check-up again. However, after entering Korea, if the drug test is positive, he may be sent back to the country. Then there will be another 2 days of training on behalf of the company about work and Korean customs law. Then join the work and at the end of the month the crack “on” …… …

Caution and some unknown words
Before applying for a Korean worker visa, keep in mind that you are going to Korea on a worker visa. And you can’t do any desk job in Korea with this visa. You have to work with local or foreign workers and that is mostly like working in a Bangladeshi factory. So if you want to go to South Korea and register in the Korea Circular, you have to prepare in a humane and physical way. Boesel and the Korean government oversee and regulate the entire process of Korean EPS visas. So do not calm down yourself or your family by taking any broker or do not transact any money anywhere other than pay order at Boisel. And before you go, read a little about Korean law and culture. Because Korean police can fine you large sums of money for spitting on the street.

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