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Korea visa Lottery 2020 _ Korea Lottery Results 2020

Korea visa Lottery 2020 _ Korea Lottery Results 2020

Find out more about how to go to South Korea legally with a work visa in 2020 and how to go to Korea on an EPS EPS visa to earn two lakh rupees a month. Going abroad on a work visa without having to hire a broker or spend Rs 5-6 lakh on an agency. In the case of Bangladesh, the words may seem unreal but they are true. I am mentioning the details for those who want to go to Korea at low cost on work permit or Korea lottery visa. Read the full article and find out the details.

What is an EPS visa?

The EPS or Employment Permit System Visa is a visa program introduced by the Ministry of Labor of the Government of South Korea through the HRD branch to recruit unskilled workers from different countries. An agreement was signed between the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of Korea in 2006 under the EPS system. As a result, the Korean government has been taking unskilled workers from Bangladesh every year since 2006. According to the agreement, the Korean government takes about two to three thousand workers from Bangladesh every year. Under the EPS system, 15 countries including Bangladesh (Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) are required to hire unskilled workers every year. With online circulars.

Note that only Bangladesh Overseas and Employment Services Limited or Boessel E Bangladesh can send manpower to Korea on EPS visa through a specific process. No other organization or brokerage will be able to send anyone in any way.

Ways to Travel to South Korea via Boesel on EPS Visa 2020 – Steps to Korea:
If you want to go to Korea on a work visa for only 60 thousand to 120 thousand rupees officially, then you have to follow the following steps in stages. Only by completing these steps step by step can you go to South Korea on a work visa.
1) Publication of Korea Visa Online Registration Circular
2) Apply online on the scheduled day after the publication of the circular
3) Announcement of Korea Lottery Results according to the quota determined through lottery in terms of online application
4) Registration of the winners of Korea Lottery through Bangladesh Overseas Limited Boysell with the prescribed fee.
5) Language test for registered candidates who want to go to Korea.
6) Physical proficiency test of those who have passed the language test
Announce the results of language test and proficiency test.
6) Those who pass the exam are included in the job roster through HRD Korea
6) Job offer from the designated company in Korea for those included in the job roster
9) You have to take part in 4/5 days training from Bangladesh Korea Technical Institute
10) You have to take part in the medical test through Boycell
11) A bank draft should be made to keep a deposit of Rs. 1 lakh in Boesel’s account as a refundable deposit of Rs. 1 lakh.
12) Going to Korea by plane bound for Korea on the scheduled day.

Korea Lottery 2020 – Ways to travel to South Korea on a work permit visa

Eligibility to apply for EPS Korean Visa:

The age of the candidate should be between 18 to 39 years
A person who has never committed a crime punishable by imprisonment or more in his life
The government of Bangladesh has no ban on those traveling abroad
Visas / CCIVs not rejected by Korean immigration for travel to Korea under EPS
Previously South Korea did not live illegally
Nor was he forcibly repatriated from Korea
A person who has not previously faced any kind of prison fine or punishment during his or her stay in South Korea
He has not been in South Korea for more than five years on an E9/10 visa
People who do not have color weakness or color blindness problems
And of course you have to have a machine readable Bangladeshi passport.

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