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JSC Result 2019 Barisal Board With Marksheet

JSC Result 2019 Barisal Board With Marksheet

JSC results of Barisal board are also available online now.JSC Result 2019 Barisal Board Online with Marksheet results of the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Degree Certificate (JDC) Examination have been published. JSC Exam Result 2019 – View JSC & JDC Result 20 – Marksheet.JSC and JDC exams were started across the country from November 2. The number of candidates in this exam was 2 million 5 thousand 12 people. Of this, the students are 12 lakh 23 thousand 5 and the students 1 lakh 5 thousand 5. The number of students is more than 2 lakh 1 thousand 2,222.Finally the long wait for JSC and JDC candidates and parents came to an end. The JSC and JDC exams have been held for the tenth time nationwide this year. JSC and JDC Examination results are being obtained at the top educational portals in the country.Ministry of Education sources said that the total number of centers this year is 2,212. A total of 20,222 educational institutions took the test. This year, exams were held in four centers abroad.

Jsc marksheet Download 2019

JSC Result 2019 Barisal Board

The JSC results along with the marksheet were released on the Education Ministry website at five in the afternoon. Visit for the JSC Examination 2019 – View the JSC and JDC Result 20 – Marksheet. See only JSC and JDC Exam results with marksheets from the Board of Education website.

JSC Result 2019 will be the first to get it
Besides, JSC / JDC results were also published on the notice board of each school. Therefore, if the examiner wants to attend his own educational institution, he can collect the result. Prior to the technical development, each school usually had to wait on the notice board to receive the results. However, the results are the most pleasant to see in my own establishment. It can be celebrated by having fun with friends.

JSC Result 19 barisal Board Marksheet Download

Knowing how much you get in a given subject increases interest after knowing the result, that is, knowing the detailed results. And for this you must download JSC Result Marksheet. All you have to do is visit on this website. There you can download JSC Result along with Marksheet.

JSC Exam Statistics for the Year:

The number of JSC-JDC Examination candidates of the 27th was 25 lakh 5 thousand 12 people. The JSC and JDC exams started from November 2 this year. The JSC exam ends on November 7 and the JC exam ends on November 7. The admission test was completed through nine general education boards and one madrasa board. This time, we will look at the pass rates of the various boards and the number of GPA-5.

JSC Result 2019 Mark Distribution Barisal Board

Let’s find out now the JSC Result 2019 Mark Distribution System.

Under the Board of Education in Bangladesh, all public exams are calculated by CGPA or GPA. In Bangladesh, the Board of Education has introduced the grade system for public examination from the 27th. In the A-grade method, he got a GPA / grade point-1 or (A-plus), then he got a GPA / grade point-1 or grade-A, and got a score of 1 to 5. It is called grade point 1.0 or grade- (A minus), it is called grade point 1.5 or grade- (B), when you get the numbers from 1 to 5, it is called grade point 2.0 or grade- ( C) When you get the numbers from 1 to 5, the grade point is called If he is found in grade 5 or grade- (D) and less than 1, he is considered a Fail or Grade F. This grade method is currently calculated in all public examinations in Bangladesh.

JSC, JDC Result 2019 Rescrutiny

After getting JSC, JDC Result 2019, if you feel that you did not get your desired result then you will have the opportunity to Rescrutiny the result or challenge the account. The result is to Rescrutiny or challenge the accountant to apply through their own organization paying the board fees. However, the mistake that we often make is that the book appears again when the book is challenged. That’s not really the case; Applying for a re-evaluation or account challenge will only show if there is a mistake in adding the numbers you received or if there is a mistake in publishing the number.

JSC Result 2019 Barisal Board by Online

* You will need to copy this link given to us by going to
* Or click on this link (education bord site) (
* After that you will come to a new page and there will be a form that needs to be filled out.
* First you go there and select JSC (JSC / JDC).
* Next, you will select the name of your board.
* After that, Select Exam  Year.
* After this the JSC exam board has to be given a roll.
After that there will be a captcha such that 5 + 5 = 10 in this way you will complete the captcha.
* Then click on submit button.
After that, the result of your jsc test will be displayed on a new page. JSC / JDC result.

JSC Exam Result 2019 Barisal Board by SMS

Barisal board’s short Code : BAR

Then Select Exam  name:  For example – JSC

Then enter the name of the exam board with a space. For example, the short Code BAR of the Barisal Board

Now give the exam roll number with one more space. Eg- 012345

Then enter another space with the name of the test year. For example – 2019

JSC <space> BAR <space> JSC Roll Number <space> 2019 and send to 16222. Diameter! If all the information is correct

The return message will get the JSC exam result 2019.


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